Bizarre brawl between neighbours sees woman's pants fall to the floor

Bizarre moment woman’s trousers fall down before she tumbles to the ground in garden brawl with her neighbour

  • The two angry women are filmed brawling in Glasgow, Scotland, by a neighbour
  • One pours water on the other, whose pants later fall down as they wrestled  

This is the bizarre moment two raging Scottish neighbours clashed in a violent brawl – that ended with one of them tumbling into a garden with her trousers around her ankles

Stewart McLean caught the bust-up on camera right outside his home in Greenock, Glasgow on Monday, after hearing an exchange between two female neighbours.

The 40-year-old whipped out his camera, only to capture the surreal scrap that ended in a half-naked tussle on the ground.

The video begins with one of the two women marching towards the other, grasping a bucket filled with water. 

The bucket-wielding woman, wearing tracksuit bottoms and a white shirt, can be heard shouting at the other, who is wearing a grey dressing gown as she defiantly charges towards her neighbour.

The pair of angry neighbours can be seen marching towards one another, with one woman armed with a bucket of water

But the surreal 60 second encounter ends in farce, with one of the neighbour’s pants round her ankles as they wrestle in a garden 

Face-to-face, the pair continue shouting before the woman carrying the bucket attempts to dump it over her neighbour.

But the feeble effort to soak her opponent fails miserably, with much of the water slopping onto the pavement, that cuts through the housing estate. 

The watery dumping triggers a fist fight between the two women, who grapple with one another, pushing and shoving.  

Stewart can be heard in fits of laughter behind the camera when the second woman’s trousers begin to fall down as she attempts to get her attacker in a headlock.

The fight descends into farce as the woman’s pants drop fully to the floor as she stumbles around – before the pair both topple into a front garden.

The dressing gown-clad woman’s legs are sent up in the air, revealing her entire bare bum as her opponent quickly scrambles up in an attempt to gain the advantage.

Stewart is left in stitches at the bizarre scene unfolding in front of him as fellow neighbours can be seen watching on nonchalantly.

He uploaded footage of the fight onto social media on Monday with the caption: ‘Got to love Greenock.’

The fight erupts moments after the woman with the bucket pours it over her neighbour – whose dressing gown bottoms begin to slide down her legs 

Perplexed neighbours watched on as the two Glaswegians wrestled with each other before crashing into a garden 

The video has received over 1,700 likes and more than 3,300 comments from users left creasing at the pair’s scrap.

Alan Hewitt said: ‘Keep it classy ladies’

Esmeralda Dee wrote: ‘The bucket of water was heavier than her throwing it, people make Glasgow.’

Irene Struthers said: ‘Omg this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in a long time, absolutely shocking.’

Camy Tait commented: ‘Wet t-shirt contest, Greenock style.’

Speaking today Stewart said: ‘It was shocking for kids to see.

‘The woman with the water caught the other lady peeing in the close and came down with water but she had left and caught her outside – she was gone with drugs, she thought she was in her own toilet.

‘All the neighbors were disgusted by it and they were separated afterwards.’

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