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A Black Lives Matter protester was seen confronting a member of the Guardian Angels and making anti-gay remarks in New York City near a protest over three tourists who were arrested and charged last week following a fight regarding proof of vaccination. 

“You don’t like gay people?” the Guardian Angel, identified as Joshua Penner, said to a protester who was yelling at him and using vulgar language. 

The protester, who was wearing a black ski mask, responds that, “I love gay people,” and that his brother is gay. The protester, however, continues using anti-gay and vulgar language in the video. 

“He withstood a lot of verbal abuse and physical threatening,” said NYC Republican mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels Leader Curtis Sliwa, according to 77 WABC.  “He stood there and didn’t get sucked into the cursing, finger-pointing, and harassment.  All they do is sell wolf-tickets in order to fall into their trap.”

Penner is the Patrol Lead from the Upper West Side for the Guardian Angels, the outlet reported, and his composed demeanor eventually prompted the protester and others to walk away from him. 

A woman was also seen on camera confronting the protesters for blocking traffic

“They were there to cause trouble — that’s all they ever do is cause trouble,” Sliwa added in his comments of the protest. 

The protest was held outside of Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on the Upper Westside on Monday evening in response to three tourists from Texas who were arrested and charged last week following a fight that broke out over vaccination proof. 

The three tourists, all of whom are Black  – Kaeita Nkeenge Rankin, 44, Tyonnie Keshay Rankin, 21, and Sally Rechelle Lewis, 49 – were arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief following the incident on Thursday. They are now calling for the charges to be dropped, citing the hostess made racist remarks and provoked the fight. 

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater New York group held the protest in support of the women, with the group’s founder Hawk Newsome saying the hostess had made “snide” remarks to the women, and “another employee restrained that hostess” during the confrontation. 

“That doesn’t seem like an innocent victim to me. That seems like an attack agonizer to me,” he said at the protest. 

A group spokesman told Fox News in a statement this week that New York City’s “vaccine passport will be used to keep Black people out of spaces, and if we don’t stop it now then the police will use it as an excuse to harass and arrest our people.”

Carmine’s owner, Jeffrey Bank, however, has pushed back on claims that the hostess made any racist remarks. 

“Three women brutally attacked our hosts without provocation, got arrested and charged for their misconduct, and then, over the last several days, had their lawyer falsely and grossly misrepresent their acts of wanton violence in a cynical attempt to try to excuse the inexcusable,” Bank said in a statement. 

Newsome did not immediately respond to Fox News’s request for comment on the protester’s anti-gay remarks to Penner.

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