Bloke finds £47k stuffed into wall of home in Nesquik cans but can’t keep it all

A bloke has found himself with £47,000 on his hands, which he found stuffed into the wall of his new home in cans of Nesquik.

Renovating the home appears to have uncovered six canisters stuffed full of cash and various other bits and pieces, a lucky break for Toño Piñeiro.

But that joy of finding tens of thousands in Euros was short-lived as the Spaniard found that the nine million pesetas was so old he could no longer exchange the currency.

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The Bank of Spain stopped accepting the older notes that Piñeiro uncovered, leaving him with some rather old, rather useless currency stuffed into some Nesquik cans.

Speaking of his windfall and subsequent realisation, Piñeiro recalled his realisation after speaking to the bank, saying: "I called them, but they told me that it was no longer possible."

The Valencia-based builder says that he will keep some of the notes as souvenirs of his remarkable find, which he made when doing up a home in Galicia.

Within the home he had bought for his retirement were Nesquik cans stuffed full of out-of-date cash.

Toño said the home had been abandoned for four decades prior to the discovery, with the builder snapping up the property when he saw it listed on Facebook.

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The builder did managed to bag himself £30,000 after trading in some more up to date currency, adding: "It paid for a new roof.

"I guess they kept these containers to avoid humidity. The last ones were somewhat damaged, but the others weren't – they were ironed, it was incredible."

It was not all smooth sailing for the builder, who admitted he had flown into a "rage" upon realising that his fortune was almost worthless, although Piñeiro plans to sell the defunct cash to some collectors.

Piñeiro has only just missed the deadline for exchanging the cash, with The Sun reporting that the Bank of Spain had stopped accepting those notes back in 2002.

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