A bloke on a lucky streak who scooped two separate lottery prizes credits his lucky charm long hair for landing £125k.

William Daniels Jr, 31, from Middle River, Maryland, US, bought a Gold X50 scratch-off ticket from a 7-Eleven store recently, and had to rub his eyes when he saw he'd won $50k (£41,860).

"When you hit it, you are in disbelief. You want to make sure you are not looking at it wrong," the long-haired bearded bloke said.

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Lucky Daniels previously won $100,000 (£83,710) from a Ravens scratch-off ticket in 2015.

He said he cut his long hair shortly after his first win, and it had grown back out in time for his latest prize.

"I'm going to stick with long hair when I play scratch-offs," he said.

He used his last windfall to go towards buying a home, and his most recent cash injection will go towards another big milestone.

"It is going toward paying for my wedding," he said.

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It follows a Virginia woman who won a $75,000 (£62,820) top prize, after she was given special check for $74,354 (£62,283) for a lucky streak that led to her winning that total from 56 lottery tickets purchased between 2015 and 2021.

Crystal Holbrook-Gazoni of Glen Allen bought a Print 'n Play Ultimate 7s Bingo ticket at a Kroger store in Henrico earlier this month.

"Honey, I hope you win big," Holbrook-Gazoni recalled a fellow shopper saying, before she scooped the top prize.


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