Body language expert on Meghan Markle’s ‘cheeky’ quip to being interrupted

A body language expert has pointed out Meghan Markle's "cheeky" personality in a resurfaced interview from 2016.

The clip showed the royal being interrupted by construction noises in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Meghan was in the middle of talking about her fashion shoot with the television channel when the noises began to drown her out.

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In a flirty and upbeat voice, Meghan said “holding for sound” while smiling into the camera, which makes the interviewer laugh.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the response as she told the Express how Meghan’s behaviour showed the “confident, campaigning, [and] feminist” royal she would one day become.

The professional added that the clip had given a glimpse into the Duchess’ “good-natured” yet “cheeky” personality.

She said: "Often the most authentic glimpses of any performer’s personality come during the out-takes though. How do they cope when things go wrong? Does the camera-perfect smile fade or a look of irritation appear?"

Judi added: “Anyone who has ever done an interview to camera will know that, no matter where you are filming, a drill will start up from somewhere nearby and spoil the shot. Meghan gets interrupted mid-flow by drilling here and her reaction does suggest good-natured sweetness.

“The moment she stops talking and turns to see what it is we can see her cheeks lift and go round in the first stage of an authentic smile. Her mouth then opens as the smile spreads and she shows her professionalism with a cheeky grin to camera.”

The interview was just filmed just two months before her first date with Prince Harry and in it Meghan spoke about finding love, and said she wished for a relationship like the characters Ross and Rachel from the sitcom Friends.

The Duchess said: “We can all have that love! Ross and Rachel.”

Judi also noted this moment showed moments of “unashamedly cute, TV actress body language”.

Judi described Meghan’s behaviour and added: “When [Meghan] raises her clenched fists in the air in excitement as she claims ‘we should all have that love’ as she talks about Ross and Rachel from Friends, or when she giggles, adopting a self-diminished pose with her elbows pulled into her torso.”

The body language expert also noted the interview showed how Meghan would become the self-assertive royal she is today.

Judi said: “We can glimpse a more confident air of authority and purpose.”

Entertainment Today also showed an clip of Meghan on the red carpet, speaking about how to keep comfortable while wearing heels all day.

After watching Meghan’s interview, Judi added: “It’s so interesting to see the confident, campaigning, feminist Meghan that we see currently, subtly emerging from the Suits actress version of Meghan here, who is still aligning with the celebrity market with some cute giggling, flirting and a delivering lines like ‘I’ve been in heels since the womb.’”

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