BREXITEERS have been given the green light to hold a huge party in Parliament Square to mark leaving the EU on January 31, it's been confirmed today.

Organisers expect 15,000 to flood the streets in Westminster to celebrate Britain finally exiting the European Union in just over two weeks' time.

Brexit Party boss Nigel Farage said today: "Great news! It is a big moment in the history of this nation to celebrate."

Sources said they were now looking at trying to set off fireworks to mark the momentous event – but need the Port of London Authority to give permission first to ensure safety of any boats on the Thames.

The event is set to include music and high-profile speakers too.

Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice told The Sun: "We are delighted. It's such a huge moment in our nation's history.

"We'll have a great time."

And campaigners are still trying and get Big Ben to bong at 11pm to see us into the new era.

This morning Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would support the call – but it's reported to have to cost up to £500,000 and would set back reparations works on the block.

The bell is still in the process of being repaired, and at the moment only bongs to mark in the New Year and Remembrance Sunday.

Mr Farage said it would be a "national humiliation" if the bell doesn't ring in Brexit.

"The whole world, when we leave at 11 o'clock, will be expecting Big Ben to ring," he told LBC.

House of Commons chiefs yesterday turned down 60 pro-Brexit MPs’ pleas to reconnect the clock’s bells for Brexit — on grounds of spiralling cost.

Commons chiefs insisted they would need to give contractors two working weeks to reconnect and then test the bells — meaning Brexiteers have until next Monday morning to raise the necessary cash.

Yesterday Boris Johnson suggested the huge sum could be crowd-funded – and Brexiteers were quick to pledge their support to the cause.

The PM said: “We’re working up a plan so people can bung a bob for a Big Ben bong, because everybody knows Big Ben is being refurbished, they seemed to have taken the clapper away.

Mr Farage told The Sun: “Big Ben must bong. If the Government aren’t prepared to pay the cost, then the people will.”

Politicians are urging people to cough up a few quid to make it happen.

One source added: "None of us know it'll cost as much as £500,000 – I think that's just a grungy civil servant with an anti-Brexit attitude trying to stop a good idea."



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The exact timings of the Brexit evening celebration are yet to be determined.

The PM's official spokesperson said yesterday: “If the public wants Big Ben to bong and the money is raised then that is great. We will make sure that — whatever happens in regard to Big Ben’s bongs — January 31 is properly marked.”

It's also been reported that cash could be dished out to encourage councils to fly the Union flag to mark the day Britain leaves.

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