Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito's remains both ID'd EXACTLY one month apart in latest eerie twist

BRIAN Laundrie's remains were identified exactly one month after those of his fiance Gabby Petito, spurring plenty of internet discussion on the already eerie case.

The FBI confirmed the remains found at the Carlton Reserve in Florida on Wednesday belonged to 23-year-old fugitive Laundrie, repeating an almost exact sequence of events that occurred a month earlier when Petito's body was found and then identified.

Matching dental records to the remains found near a swamp in the Carlton Reserve on Wednesday, the FBI confirmed Laundrie's death to his parents on Thursday evening – after his parents discovered his belongings at the reserve.

The bizarre coincidence followed the events of how Petito's remains were found and subsequently identified a month earlier.

On September 19, Petito's remains were found in Grand Teton National Park that were "consistent with the description of Petito" according to the FBI.

The medical coroner then identified the remains as belonging to Petito on September 21, an exact month before Laundrie's remains were identified.

The uncanny find sparked a number of internet sleuths to express shock at the correlation of events.

"It's weird they happen to find him almost exactly one month from when Gabby was found," wrote one user on Twitter.

Others expressed concern with how Laundrie's parents were at the location after a month of not cooperating with authorities and were able to locate Laundrie's belongings and remains.

"They wait a month to do look and happened to go right to him Immediately. Nope. They do need to be charged. & had they told the truth & cared about Gabby, instead of camping, he’d be alive," wrote another user.

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