WEB sleuths are questioning what happened to Brian Laundrie's clothes and boots that he was wearing the day he entered the Carlton Reserve.

It's the latest question asked as many doubt recent developments surrounding Laundrie's disappearance and death.

FBI detectives positively identified “partial remains” as belonging to Gabby Petito’s fiancé on October 21 following a manhunt that lasted several weeks.

A cause of death hasn’t been announced as an autopsy came back inconclusive, fueling speculation among web sleuths.

A Twitter user, known only as Olivia, claims she found "bones" around 60 yards from where Laundrie’s remains were reportedly unearthed.

She teased “Could be animal" as she uploaded several snaps of the discovery.

One sleuth said: “Definitely gator. They have those long spike extrusions on spoke bones. I feel when the water levels rose, Gators migrated to him and then went back out father as the water receded.”

Another speculated: “I’m sure those gators roam and don’t just stay in the water.”

The FBI also confirmed a notebook was among Laundrie's possessions the day authorities found his remains at a swampy area in the Carlton Reserve, just miles from his Florida home and after a month-long manhunt for the 23-year-old who was the only person of interest in the murder of fiance Gabby Petito.

Meanwhile, Instagram users are analyzing a post from Petito's page on January 11 that

shows Gabby posing for a mirror selfie with the caption: "Been listening to morbid podcast all morning, and I'm obsessed @morbidpodcast."

The caption also shows a knife emoji before Petito states how she misses Charleston, South Carolina and her godmother Flora Rocco. The post currently has over 7000 likes.

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