Brit with ‘legs frozen stiff’ trapped in Dubai until she pays £11k medical bill

A British woman who became unwell while travelling in Dubai has been told she can’t leave the country until her massive £11K medical bill is paid.

Kat White and her husband Mick, from Glasgow, were travelling back to the UK after a year of working in India.

The couple had decided to visit friends for a few days in the United Arab Emirates – but just days into their trip Kat fell ill.

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The 54-year-old suffered a seizure on April 25 while in the shower, resulting in full-body spasms, facial contortions and her hands curled back during the medical episode.

Husband Mick was forced to watch the medical episode take place helplessly, as reported by the Daily Record.

Kat was rushed to the hospital where she underwent numerous tests but later discovered that their travel insurance through Barclay Bank did not cover the treatment.

Hospital bosses have now withheld Mick's passport until he pays a £6,000 portion of a payment plan towards Kat's hospital bill.

He claims the UK embassy has failed to help, telling them "we're not a charity" and he has been forced to raise money with a GoFundMe page.

Mick, originally from Doncaster, said: "I don't know what to do, I feel like a prisoner.

"We got a few days into the trip to Dubai, she just didn't feel well. Then she suddenly had a full body spasm."

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"She was in the shower and she was frozen stiff. I moved her to the bed but I couldn't even put her in the recovery position – her legs were frozen.

"I thought she was having a stroke. her hands had curled up and her mouth changed."

The couple have now been left with a £11,000 medical bill and Kat is unable to get on a plane without a fit to fly note.

Despite mounting charges, no one has been able to tell Kat what is causing the seizures.

Mick continued: "If you understand the mental anguish that my Mrs has gone through, I've seen it, I'm watching it. I'm trying to help her out, and I said to her today, 'we can guess what's wrong all day, but you need to be seen'.

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"She had an MRI, but they came back and said the MRI was clear and that they couldn't see what the issue was. They said she might have a virus in her spinal column. That was pretty much the only diagnosis we got working with this."

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office's website, it says they refuse to pay for costs like medical bills for British nationals abroad, adding that they provide advice instead.

The FCDO said: "We are providing consular assistance to a British couple in Dubai.”

To donate to the GoFundMe, you can do sohere .

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