BRITAIN'S hotpots for the worst neighbours have been revealed.

A new study has revealed a huge rise in nuisance complaints in the last year, suggesting the extra time spent at home has caused neighbourhood disputes to boil over.

In 2020, there were 299,077 noise and statutory nuisance complaints filed across the country, a 28 per cent increase on the yearly average.

The North West had the biggest increase, rising from 23,338 complaints in 2019 to 32,792 in 2020 – a 41 per cent increase year over year.

This is according to data gathered through Freedom of Information requests sent to almost 200 UK councils.

Data analysts then crunched the numbers to reveal the extent of the complaints.

Leeds recorded the highest number of complaints overall in the last five years, with 65,847 received by the council between 2016 and 2021.

Loud music was the main cause of complaints.

Other hotspots included Hillingdon and Newham in London, with 62,130 and 51,308 complaints respectively. Outside of London and Leeds, the next-highest complaints came from Birmingham and Glasgow.

Citizens Advice recommends several steps to deal with a neighbour problem peacefully, without filing a complaining.

These include keeping records, getting help from a mediator or if you feel safe enough, and talking to them.

Brian Davenport, owner of The Solar Centre which analysed the data, said: “It’s been fun looking through some of the more eccentric complaints, but we understand neighbour issues are a very real problem for some people.

“As a company that sells garden lights, we want people to enjoy their time in the garden.

"We hope anyone suffering with a neighbour dispute can resolve it quickly and peacefully”.

25 of the weirdest and whackiest neighbour complaints

1.     Drug production

2.     Loud porn

3.     Sex

4.     Running a brothel out of their room

5.     Dancing on doorstep

6.     Solvent abuse

7.     Aggressive trampolining

8.     Starting pistol to quieten dog

9.     Licking and stroking neighbour’s car

10.  Wind chimes

11.  Bird scarer

12.  TV

13.  Menacing gestures

14.  Human faeces

15.  CCTV over property

16.  Throwing nappies off balcony

17.  Voyeurism

18.  Verminous property

19.  Syringes

20.  Urinating

21.  Shooting

22.  Skateboarding

23.  Facebook threat

24.  Children playing

25.  Delivery noise

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