‘Britain’s strongest schoolboy’, 10, who can deadlift 115kg – more than double his weight – hopes to smash world records as he heads to compete in America

  • Rowan O’Malley from Coventry is one of Britain’s strongest young schoolboys
  • He spends every day weightlifting at the gym and eats 3,500 calories daily 
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A ten-year-old who can deadlift more than double his weight is hoping to break world weightlifting records. 

Rowan O’Malley is one of Britain’s strongest schoolboys and can lift his sofa and his sister at the same time. 

Rowan, who weighs 8½ stone (54kg), can deadlift 115kg (253lbs) and squat lift 100kg (220lbs).

The schoolboy from Coventry has a protein-rich diet and eats 3,500 calories a day, despite boys his age being advised by the NHS to eat around 2,000 daily. 

On a normal day he will have three portions of scrambled eggs in the morning and steak or fish for dinner. 

Rowan O’Malley from Coventry weighs 54kg and goes to the gym everyday

Rowan has a protein-rich diet and eats 3,500 calories a day. He hopes to break world weightlifting records when he travels to the US for competitions this year

He is currently too young to take part in powerlifting competitions in the UK. But later this year, he hopes to go to contests in the US with his father Ben, 40. 

He can deadlift 115kg, beating the US record of 111kg for his age category.

He can also squat lift seven kilos more than the current American record of 93kg.

Rowan said: ‘I want to be the strongest man in the world. I love it. 

‘I’ve been in a gym most of my life,’ he told The Sun.

His father said instead of being interested in playing games like other children, his son works out at the gym.

He added that Rowan wants to pursue rugby as his future career.

It’s really impressive seeing him able to lift a sofa off the floor. It’s great so we can clean,’ he added.

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