Brits face being ‘buried in snow showers’ amid ice weather warnings

Brits face several days of snow showers, rain and sleet over the next few days, with frost and icy conditions set to continue.

The snow forecast is predicted to hit in the coming days and the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice for eastern parts of the UK, which are in place until 11am Tuesday.

The BBC long range forecast includes bitter temperatures that struggle to get above freezing.

Meteorologist Matt Taylor said: "Over the next few days there is high pressure in the north and low pressure south and east. We have got north east and easterly winds coming in, bringing in some still pretty chilly conditions overnight, frost and ice will continue to be a feature.

"But the area is becoming a little less cold at times, so what falls from the sky will mainly be rain and sleet but with a bit of hill snow mixed in.

"Rain could be the biggest issue across the south east and the Channel Islands over the next few days, for the first half of the week up to 50mm of rain could cause flooding. Could even be some snow mixed in with that on top of the hills in Kent, Sussex and Surrey."

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He said many will see snow this morning, with rain and sleet to continue throughout the day.

"Snow to start the day (Tuesday) across the Pennines and southern Scotland, which will break up into more showery conditions, rain and sleet for many and little bit of snow on the higher grounds."

The best of the driest and sunniest weather is on the west of the UK.

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A north easterly wind on the eastern part of the country could reach galeforce later on in the week, bringing in an extra chilly start, expected to struggle to get above freezing.

Mr Taylor also said many will see a "good covering" of snow showers on Tuesday night, but most of the country will remain dry – with heavy rain battering down on the south east and Channel Islands.

Wintry showers continue on Wednesday, with widespread frost and icy conditions, and in the coldest areas, it'll be around -5C.

Sleet and snow will come back on Thursday on the coastal areas of Scotland, and later on in the evening, a further dusting on snow on higher ground on the west.

However, things will start to get drier and sunnier at the end of the week, before frost will creep back in over the weekend and into the start of next week.

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