BURGLARS who murdered a British mum may never be caught as police failed to arrest the amateur gang weeks after the horrific killing, crime experts have said.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was tortured and killed by the thieves who also held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter Lydia while her husband was tied up outside their home in Athens.

Experts who have watched cops attempt to trace the culprits say three weeks after Caroline died the mystery murder should have been cracked.

“If this was an ordinary burglary it would have been solved by now,” said top criminologist Apostolos Lytras.

“We read that there is no DNA, no fingerprints, that there is little evidence and yet they seem like amateurs.

"Something is not right.”  

Greek security forces tasked with tracking down the perpetrators have reportedly narrowed the list of potential suspects to ten people.

“They’re all hardcore criminals of different nationalities,” one cop told Sun Online.

“It’s a difficult case. It’s taken longer than we thought to get here but we are getting closer.”

The 20-year-old Caroline had moved to Athens after marrying helicopter pilot Charalambos ‘Babis’ Anagnostopoulos.

The couple had met on the island of Alonissos – where she was buried last month.

The murder took place in the early hours of May 11 in the two-story maisonette the couple had been renting in the upmarket suburb of Glyka Nera.  

Cops have rejected any suggestion that the pilot, who was tied up and blindfolded throughout the ordeal, had any part in the crime.

A composite sketch based on his description of the man believed to have killed his wife – glimpsed when his blindfold slipped – has played a “major role” in assisting police to draw up the list of suspects.

The inquiry has been surrounded by mystery with authorities saying that secrecy is key to cracking the underworld and identifying the culprits.  

“Clearly we are very, very close,” said Stavros Balaskas, a trade unionist in the police force.

“I agree that it has taken longer.”

On May 29 new CCTV footage emerged showing a suspicious car followed by a motorbike fleeing the scene of the murder.

The dark-coloured car and the motorbike can be seen passing near the home in Glyka Nera.

The car was seen turning on Diadochou Pavlou Street to Lavriou Avenue in Glyka Nera.

The footage is currently being examined by police.

The gang escaped with £30,000 in cash and jewels, but cops think they believed another £86,000 was hidden there.

Currently there is a reward of £250,000 for information into the young mum's death.

Detectives have so far failed to link a Georgian man who they arrested to Caroline’s murder.

Caroline's therapist was quizzed by police in Athens on May 21 with a source claiming that the information could lead to more clues.

"She has been providing information as to who else may have known about the large amount of cash in the house," said an insider with links to security forces.

"Her knowledge of Caroline is intimate and very important."

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