California boy goes viral for hilarious dance moves during concert

‘I was feeling the vibe!’ California boy, 8, becomes internet sensation thanks to incredible dance moves he showed-off at his elementary school’s winter concert

  • A boy has gone viral for dance moves he broke out during a concert at his elementary school before the holidays
  • A video of Jaden Williams, 8, has been viewed more than 20 million times 
  • In an interview with local media, Williams said he was ‘feeling the vibe’  

A  California eight-year-old has gone viral for ‘feeling the vibe’ during his elementary school’s winter concert.

Jaden Williams, 8, and his incredible dance moves have been viewed more than 20 million times as he busted a move while performing alongside classmates. 

In an interview with a local outlet, Jaden sounded soft spoken when discussing the video, a stark change from his showman personality during the concert. There was a good reason for that, however.

‘I just started dancing,’ Jaden said. ‘I was feeling the vibe.’

Jaden Williams, 8, said he was just ‘feeling the vibe’ when he broke out in a dance during his school’s winter concert 

The Bay Area elementary school student’s video has been liked by more than 692,000 people since being posted to Instagram a week ago. 

In the video, Jaden can be seen upstaging his classmates as he sticks out his tongue and performs what appears to be a series of moves derived from TikTok dances. 

Jaden’s viral moment came just as the school was about to let out for winter break and was posted by a classmate’s mother who was stunned by his incredible performance. 

The woman who posted the video tagged the San Francisco 49ers, the football team whose logo is shown on Jaden’s clothes, and hash-tagged the video ‘dance machine.’  

‘His classmate’s mother actually posted it on her Instagram and it kind of took off, and she had tagged tag my wife to it,’ said Kirk Williams, Jaden’s father. 

‘It just started going viral from there,’ Kirk said. 

Jaden hilariously caught the attention of the audience and fellow classmates during the performance

The elementary school student had a series of TikTok dance moves he broke out during the concert 

Jaden let the spirit of the holidays take him away as he danced through the song 

The video has amassed more than 20 million views on Instagram 

Jaden told ABC 7 he had been super excited for the concert and couldn’t wait to show his friends, family, and loved ones what he had come up with. 

‘I was so excited to do that,’ Jaden said of the concert. ‘I would tell Miss Harrington, my music teacher, “When is the concert going to start?” I was so happy.’

His happiness spread to the millions who have watched the video online. 

‘Jaden is a star,’ commented actor Jermaine Crawford on the original video. 

‘Jaden is me. He said let’s add some razzle dazzle to this,’ said one commenter. 

‘When he grows up he’s going to be that uncle that makes the barbecue lit,’ responded another. 

Jaden did not hesitate to break out a dance for ABC 7 when the news outlet asked 

Jaden showed off his the dance that made him famous

Jaden even taught one ABC 7 reporter some of the dance moves he perfected 

Jaden said he was so excited for the concert and for the winter break from school that followed

Jaden’s parents say he has always had a beaming presence and they are just glad the world now gets to see what they have always known.

‘He’s been like that since he started walking, and we got to have a lot of parties here at the house, always a lot of music going on,’ Kirk said.

‘Everywhere we go – friends’ houses, parties, weddings – he’s always grabbed the center of attention,’ the dad said. 

Jaden’s dance moves did seem to attract some negative commenters however who criticized him for being ‘disrespectful’ for ‘stealing the show’ from his classmates.  

It’s something his family could not disagree more strongly with. 

‘I’ve read the comments and for those that think Jaden is selfish or not respectful to his classmates you don’t know Jaden,’ said Jaden’s mother Yanira Williams. 

Yanira Williams described her son as a ‘kind soul’ and said he did not mean to be selfish or disrespectful by breaking out his dance moves during the concert 

The video has received thousands of comments from those applauding Jaden’s moves

‘He has a kind soul, full of joy, and embraces all of his classmates everyday at school. His personality is big, which is an understatement like his father; Kirk! I wish all of you happy holidays and love!’ 

Jaden’s favorite team, the 49ers, seem to agree. 

The San Francisco football team left their message of approval for the eight-year-old on the Instagram video, writing:  ‘Ok Jaden!! We see you!’

Jaden’s family members say he wants to become a professional football player one day and hopes to meet his favorite 49ers: Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

‘He has a kind soul, full of joy, and embraces all of his classmates everyday at school,’ said Jaden’s mom, Yanira Williams 

The video caught the attention of the San Francisco 49ers who left a comment 

Jaden’s mom and dad say he hopes he gets to meet his favorite 49ers players, Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel, and that he wants to play in the NFL one day

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