PRINCE Harry can still become king although it is highly unlikely that will happen.

Due to the line of succession, the throne passes through the first born in a family.

Can Prince Harry still become King?

While Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have stepped down from royal duties this doesn’t mean he has been removed from the line of succession in the royal family.

While technically he could become king one day it is highly unlikely to happen unless there is a major tragedy in the family.

Due to the rules of succession, the crown passes through the first born, in this case that would be Prince William.

Will he still be known as Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex?

While Harry has lost a number of honours, titles and patronages he will still be a prince and known as the Duke of Sussex.

Meghan will remain a Duchess.

They were given the titles as a wedding gift at their 2018 nuptials at Windsor Castle.

What honorary titles and patronage has Prince Harry lost?

Ex-soldier Harry, who served on the frontline in Afghanistan, has lost a number of honorary military positions. 

The Duke is no longer the Captain General of the Royal Marines or Honorary Air Force Commandant of the Royal Air Force Base Honington. 

And he has also given up his role as the Honorary Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Naval Commands' Small Ships and Diving.

He has also had to relinquish presidency of The Queen's Commonwealth Trust, with the charity today thanking the pair for their “keen support and encouragement” in a statement. 

The Duke, a keen rugby fan, will no longer be a patron of the Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football League – roles which he took over from the Queen.

He became the patron of England Rugby Union in 2016, and was often spotted supporting the team at Twickenham. 

The Duke is also mates with ex-skipper Dylan Hartley and James Haskell, who was a guest at his wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018.

Harry is also no longer a patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust after nine years in the role. 

The Duke’s three-year term expired in January, and he chose not to renew it. 

What is the royal line of succession?

Harry remains sixth in line to the throne held by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, will be king when the Queen dies and due to the line of succession, after Charles it will be his first born, William that will take the throne.

The line then passes through Prince William’s family.

He has three children – Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, who are all ahead of Harry.

However, should William tragically die before George is 18 – and assuming Charles is also dead, then the crown would pass to Harry under the title of Regent.

Once though George turned 18, the crown would pass to him.

Harry and Meghan’s son Archie is the seventh in line to the throne.

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