Can YOU spot the deadly snake hiding in the jungle?

A DEADLY snake has hidden itself perfectly, making it almost impossible to see – but can you spot it?

The mind-boggling snap of a camouflaged reptile has left Facebook users baffled as it appears to the invisible.

The photos shows what looks like beautiful woodland devoid of any slippery creatures.

However, look a little closer and a perfectly camouflaged snake can be spotted entangled with a tree as it overlooks its prey below.

The image was shared by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a professional snake-catching service located in Queensland, Australia, after the reptile had been released in Caloundra West last week.

Challenging Facebook fans to a weekly game of 'Spot the Snake Sunday,' team member Stuart McKenzie captioned the post: “The Sunshine Coast’s favourite Sunday session -spot the snake Sunday.

“We have been driving people mad with these lately, so here’s an ‘easier’ one.

“As per usual – bonus points for the correct species. Good luck.”

But despite this being an allegedly “easier” snap, Facebook users were completely stumped.

Some even reported they are now scared to venture outside, in case they stumble across a snake.

One person said: “I haven’t spotted a single one in the three months I’ve been following these. As a result, I no longer feel safe venturing outside.”

“How about an easier one for those of us that are half blind and refuse to wear glasses?" another fan begged.

Someone else commented: “Judging by all those trees, I’m going to say brown tree snake. Harmless. Cause I can’t find it.”

Another user said they were “totally lost” and struggled to distinguish the snake from the trees.

“Sheesh, give me Where’s Wally any day,” another person said.

Another person added they were “lucky” as, despite being terrified of snakes, they couldn’t spot them.

Several people did guess correctly, however, locating the slippery beast in the centre-right of the image.

But even the eagle-eyed viewers struggled to guess the correct species, with suggestions including an Eastern green and Diamond python snake.

Mr McKenzie later revealed the species to be a coastal carpet python, commonly found in the region.

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