Capitol riots – Men seen carrying zip ties and wearing tactical gear on Senate floor during DC attack charged by FBI

THE US Capitol rioters who were allegedly spotted carrying zip ties and wearing tactical gear on the Senate floor during the Washington, DC, attack have been charged by the FBI.

Larry Rendell Brock, of Texas, and Eric Gavelek Munchel, of Tennessee, were arrested and charged on Sunday in connection with the US Capitol riots, according to the Department of Justice.

Both men were charged in federal court in the District of Columbia days after they were believed to be spotted in photos carrying zip ties.

They were depicted in photos after lawmakers from the Senate and the House of Representatives were evacuated during the frightening rampage on Wednesday, January 6.

According to the DOJ's release, Brock – a 53-year-old Air Force Combat veteran, was "charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds."

Brock is suspected to have illegally entered the Capitol Building donning a green helmet, black and camouflage jacket, and beige pants, the DOJ said.

Larry Rendell and Eric Gavelek Munchel's arrest comes as:

  • The horned QAnon "shaman" and the protester pictured carrying Pelosi’s lectern were arrested
  • Trump is apparently considering hiring Rudy Giuliani to defend him should he be impeached a second time
  • An extremist Pro-Trump group is urging protesters to attend another march on the Capitol this week – and to "come armed at personal discretion"
  • A second US Capitol police officer died days after the Capitol Hill riot
  • Footage shows when a crowd chanting "USA!" brutally attacked a cop

He was holding a white flex cuff – a temporary alternative to handcuffs, it is alleged.

Munchel – who is said to be seen carrying plastic restraints inside the US Capitol – was charged with "one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds."

Both men were arrested in their home states.

Terrifying zip tie pics – allegedly showing the two men – were published as other chilling images were released showing a man the FBI is seeking in connection to the planting of pipe bombs in DC ahead of the riots.

Thirty-year-old Munchel said he illegally entered the Capitol Building alongside his 57-year-old mom, Lisa Eisenhart, the Times of London reported.

Munchel reportedly explained: "We wanted to show that we’re willing to rise up, band together and fight if necessary.

"Same as our forefathers, who established this country in 1776. It was a kind of flexing of muscles."

He was seen holding zip ties in the Senate press gallery jumping chairs with his mom, according to the report.

Munchel's mom slammed Democrats for having "everything- the media, organizations, the government."

According to the New Yorker, Brock – a dad of three – revealed he wore tactical gear to protect himself from potential attackers with "BLM and Antifa" and "found the zip-tie handcuffs on the ground"

Brock and Munchel's charges come one day after the horned QAnon "shaman" and the protester pictured carrying Pelosi’s lectern were arrested late Saturday.

Heavily-tattooed QAnon nut Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, was pictured wearing a fur headdress with horns as he occupied the Senate dais.

He was arrested along with stay-at-home dad Adam Johnson, 36, who was seen grinning as he walked away with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium.

Meanwhile, cops said the devices found outside the offices of the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee could have caused “great harm."

Law enforcement agencies received reports of two suspected pipe bombs with wires outside the buildings around 1 pm on Wednesday – as MAGA supporters were storming the Capitol.

Hundreds of unruly protesters took charge at the Capitol Building after President Trump repeated his unfounded claims of election fraud to thousands of rallying demonstrators.

Many took to the Capitol after Trump incited them to go there as lawmakers debated the electoral votes.

Trump supporters scaled the walls of the Capitol Building, breached barricades and advanced into the halls of the iconic building, smashing windows and brawling with cops.

The Capitol in Washington DC was placed under lockdown as a result, as rioters entered the second-floor lobby of the building right outside the Senate chamber.

With drawn guns and teargas, police sought to clear the Capitol building of hundreds of protesters who stormed the building and sought to force Congress to undo Trump’s election loss as lawmakers convened to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Security officers in dark suits drew their pistols and trained them on the shouting mob trying to smash their way through the door of the normally sedate House of Representatives chamber.

It later transpired that Trump fans also disgustingly smeared their own poo in the building, sources said.

Five people have so far died as a result of the violence, while others remain in a critical condition in hospital.

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