Car smashes through shop window due to rookie error by a new driver

Moment car smashes through shop window after new driver hits the accelerator instead of the brake

  • The rookie driver tore through a clothes shop in Guangxi Zhuang, China
  • Two female shop attendants are seen screaming and scrambling to safety
  • A mannequin wearing a satchel and a wheelie clothes rack are mown down 

This is the moment an inexperienced driver hit the accelerator by mistake and sent his car crashing through a glass shopfront.

The footage shows a man, identified only as ‘Liu’, getting into a silver car and reversing out of a parking space into a street in the southern Chinese city of Yulin.

He then suddenly speeds forward, smashing down the clothing shop’s glass doors, in the accident on October 18. 

Motorists watch in horror as the vehicle goes straight over the pavement and is swallowed whole by the shop.

CCTV from inside the store shows two female sales assistants screaming and dashing clear as the car heads towards them.

One of the women is almost hit by a metal clothes rack that is shunted towards them by the car’s bonnet.

A mannequin wearing a satchel is mown down by the advancing vehicle, and panes of glass smash to the ground as the storefront is destroyed.

The rookie driver reverses into the street, before accidentally hurtling forwards into the clothes shop in Yulin, in the Guangxi Zhuang Region of China

The silver car disappears into the store as motorcyclists watch in horror in CCTV footage from October 18

The silver car – like a bull in a china shop – creates chaos, as the sales assistants race for cover and a mannequin and wheelie clothes rack are mown down

The video ends with the car coming to a standstill, having laid waste to the shop. 

Fortunately no one was injured during the incident, who was believed to have been helping a friend with moving the vehicle and, in the process, mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

The case is under investigation by local authorities in the city, which is in the Guangxi Zhuang Region. 

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