CARTEL monsters have hung nine bodies from a bridge in a chilling warning to rival gangs amid a bloody Mexico turf war.

A tenth victim was also found on a nearby road by horrified residents in the Zacatecas municipality of Cuauhtémoc on Thursday at around 6am.

Officials warned the disturbing display was likely to be linked to a savage dispute between ruthless criminal gangs that operate in the area.

The nine bodies were eventually removed from the overpass by police at around 10am local time, as locals went about their day.

According to local media, the majority of the deceased were identified as residents of the small town Cuauhtémoc, which has a population of just 6,660.

"They pay for the sins of others, it is not fair that they do this to us because they pay for the sinners," one spooked local told TV Azteca Noticias.

Another added: "It's scary to go out at night. You have to go to sleep early and every night there is noise, motorcycles, screaming, things like that."

An "intense investigation" was underway, the local government said, although no arrests have yet been made.

The gruesome arrangement has reignited calls for leaders to step up security measures and provide more patrols.

Cartel killers have continued to suspend their victims from public bypasses in a stark warning to others throughout this year.

It comes just after another three bodies were discovered nearly 70 miles away hanging from a bridge in the city of Fresnillo in June.

El Chapo's henchmen reportedly tortured, killed then mutilated rival gang members before hanging their bodies from a bridge.

In May, it was reported that one Tijuana cartel suspended a severed head from a bridge in the neighborhood of Sánchez Taboada.

It marks a dramatic escalation in the shocking savagery used by cartels as a violent turf war continues to engulf Mexico.

The vicious Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) are considered the most dangerous and powerful criminal enterprise in Mexico.

The brutality is now spilling into popular tourist areas, particularly in the Quintana Roo state.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced he is now permanently deploying National Guard troops to Cancun in a bid to curb the rise in crime.

Just last month, two foreign tourists were killed in Tulum after being caught in the crossfire during a shootout between gang members.

On average this year, 2,400 people have died each monthdue to gang-related violence, the government said.

As of September, a whopping 21,495 people have fell victim to the merciless cartels.

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