STARS and environmentalists have saluted Sun readers for recycling one million single-use masks and urged: Keep going!

The landmark figure was achieved in just six weeks.

It comes after we launched our  Mask Force campaign to recycle single-use face coverings  to help protect the environment.

Surfer and ex-Love Island star Lucie Donlan, 23, said: “It’s amazing to hear one million  have been dropped into Mask Force bins.

"I’ve seen first-hand the devastation masks cause to our marine life.

“We have a responsibility to keep our planet safe and continuing to recycle the coverings is one way to do that.

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"Keep going!” Mask Force collection bins are available at 488 Morrisons stores in England, Wales and Scotland.

TV presenter Gaby Roslin, 57, said: “Please, please carry on disposing of your masks in these bins.

"That way, we are looking after our environment, the wildlife and ourselves.”

Once full, each bin is collected by Hull-based ReWorked  and the contents turned into building materials, PPE or outdoor furniture.

Eco giant Greenpeace has backed our initiative. Senior campaigner Nina Schrank said  carelessly discarded   masks  are increasingly harming wildlife.

 And the Marine Conservation Society’s beachwatch officer  Lizzie Prior said: “We’ve seen animals trapped in the elastic straps and marine life can mistake masks and gloves for food.”

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