CHILLING footage shows a monster great white shark just feet from two unsuspecting swimmers at a beach in Australia.

A teenager spotted the 8ft predator lurking between the boys and the shore while flying his drone overhead and raised the alarm.

The two young youths no idea there was a killer shark so close to them in the water – as it would not have been visible at their level.

The footage was captured by Cameron Grace, 17, who was on holiday with his family in Forster, New South Wales.

On Monday he sent his drone up over the Main Beach and was horrified to spy the shark on his camera.

He told his aunt Rachel Walter, who ran to the water and told alerted the swimmers to the danger.

She told 7 News: "I can't just sit here and watch this, I didn't know what was going to happen.

"I got into the water and I waved for the two boys to get out. They were completely oblivious."

It is not the first time sharks have been spotted there.

Last July drone footage showed a 10ft great white close to a group of children at Tuncurry Beach, also in Forster.

Weeks earlier, the same drone operator filmed another huge shark creeping up on surfers at Tuncurry.

And in 2015, a pensioner was "bitten to the bone" by a shark that knocked him off his surfboard and savaged him in the water at Black Head beach in Forster.

Shark expert Rob Townsend from SeaLife Sydney said close encounters are more common than people think.

He told 7 News: "For every one shark that you see, there might be ten or 100 sharks that see you.

"You just don't realise because they're not mindless killers.

"If you think about how many people are in the water on a daily basis – especially in summer in Australia – you've got to imagine that this kind of thing is happening all the time and we just don't realise."



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Australia is one of the world's deadliest places for shark attacks, with at least 642 recorded.

Earlier this month a diver was mauled to death by a great white in front of his horrified girlfriend near Esperance, Western Australia.

But experts say unprovoked attacks are still rare and swimmers have a greater chance of drowning.

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