A 14-YEAR-OLD cheerleader who went missing with a pal a week ago disappeared "like a ghost" and then sent a chilling message saying “HELP", her sister revealed.

The two teenagers Aysha Cross and Emilee Solomon, both 14, were finally found by human trafficking cops in Georgetown, Texas, about an hour away from their home in McGregor, Texas, last night after an Amber Alert was launched for them.

A man named James Robert Van Houten, 30, was arrested and is in custody accused of harboring them.

However, cops are still investigating the mysterious disappearance and are looking into others who may have had hold of the girls during the six days they were missing.

The families said they were relieved to have been reunited with the girls.

Aysha’s sister-in-law Emily Harrison earlier spoke of the bizarre circumstances of the disappearance, telling The Sun: "No one has seen Aysha since June 30th. No one saw her get into a car."

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He continued: "It's like a ghost. She vanished into thin air.

"And because of the Snapchat messages, we believe she's in a lot of danger."

She explained how the two girls were having a sleepover at Aysha’s house on the 29th, when Emilee told them her uncle was picking her up.

She was in fact – unknown to the family – picked up by a male friend and dropped off at a local park.

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He has been very cooperative and cleared of everything.

“The last time we saw Aysha, confirmed by her twin Eamon. it was, 2:00 AM in the morning on June 30,” Emily said.

“Our mom got up at 7am that morning and found a note from Aysha that said, ‘Hey mom, I love you very much. I'm gonna go find Emily and fix everything. I'm really sorry’.

“Then at around 4.53am in, in the morning, Aysha had sent a text on her Snapchat to one of her friends, who has also been very cooperative, that said, ‘Hey, I need your help. It's an emergency, please wake up.

“Then after that the friend was blocked and we couldn't get ahold of a Aysha, so no one's seen her since June 30th.

“On July 4th at around 2am, Aysha had put on her Snapchat, a blank screen that says ‘HELP’.

“This is what caused the Amber Alert and why the police believed she was in a lot of danger.”

Emily says her sister had never run away before and it was very “out of character” to leave the house on her own.

“Aysha is our little sunshine, the light of our family, always making us laugh,” she said.

“Aysha's a great student. She had straight A's. She was a cheerleader around the time of COVID. When COVID got started our mom started homeschooling her.

“She loves her town. This is not anything like her. She goes to church.

"She has God and Jesus in her heart. She prays so much, I'm in her room right now and she has a little jar and it says, ‘Bible versus for when you need them’. This is very out of character of her.

"She's very close to my daughter she’s two years old, so it’s Aysha’s niece. Delilah's been asking for her and crying for her and saying, ‘Where's my Aysha’.

"As Delilah's mom and Aysha's sister, that's probably the thing that tugs at my heart the most, because those two are so close.

"When we come over to Shannon, our mom's house, we're like, ‘Hey’ and Aysha grabs her and does everything with her.

"Aysha's so good with her. And we come here now and everybody's sad. And the little two-year-old doesn't understand.

"So she has been knocking on Aysha’s door and she's like, ‘Where's my Aysha’. That’s the hardest thing for me.”

McLennan County Sheriff's Office Human Trafficking Unit located the girls unharmed in the early hours of this morning.

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Suspect Van Houten was taken into custody at the Williamson County Jail facing two charges of harboring a runaway child and will be in court this morning.

Detectives said they managed to find the girls with the help of data analysts from around the country but added there was still a lot of investigating to do in the case.

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