Don’t wag your tail! Chocolate Labrador Ollie shows off his hilarious ‘booty balance’ skills as he poses with everything from loo rolls to a laptop perched on his backside

  • ‘Good Boy’ Ollie developed an impressive ability to balance items on his bottom 
  • The six-year-old chocolate Labrador has taken internet by storm with his videos 
  • Owner Alex, 22, from Berkshire, shares videos of his talents on social media 

A chocolate Labrador who showed a natural ability for balancing items on his bottom has been taking the internet by storm. 

‘Good Boy’ Ollie, from Berkshire, has proven he is no stranger to the camera while posing up a storm balancing various items including laptops, drinks, food and even plants.

The six-year-old dog has been hailed the ‘Booty Balance King’ and delights his 1.7million followers on Tik Tok with his impressive skills. 

‘Good Boy’ Ollie, a chocolate Labrador from Berkshire, has been hailed the ‘Booty Balance King’ for his impressive ability to balance random items on his bottom

In one of his latest clips, which has been liked more than 2million times, Ollie is seen balancing two toilets rolls as well as a laptop, a cereal box and a handbag. 

During the heartwarming video the cheeky pooch beams with pride as he shows off his incredible talent. 

His owner Alex, 22, often shares clips of him on social media much to the delight of his fans. 

She said: ‘Ollie puts himself into the bow position all of the time. If he’s stretching, if he wants to play.

His owner Alex, 22, often shares clips of Ollie on social media, including Tik Tok and Instagram, of his day to day life as well as showing off his balancing skills

‘It’s a very natural position for dogs. We practice the ‘bow’ trick a lot.

‘The day he learnt it, he picked it up so quickly and he was so still and stable I had the idea to try and balance something on him for fun. 

‘He did it perfectly on his first try so we’ve been having fun with it ever since! He loves learning new things and getting rewarded.’

In one particular clip, which has been liked more than 2millions, Ollie can be seen balancing a range odd items including a laptop, toilet rolls and a handbag

People quickly took to the comments on one clip, posted on June 6, to share their appreciation for Ollie and his skills. 

Several Tik Tok users made reference to their love of the ‘head bobs’ Ollie does as he tries to stay still. 

One said: ‘It’s so funny when he is nodding his head at the same time. So cute.’ 

People have taken to the comments on social media in their droves to share their love for Ollie and the way his head bobs when he balances things on himself

Another wrote: ‘This should be a commercial to sell something. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.’

Others were drawing comparisons between Kim Kardashian’s Break The Internet photoshoot for PAPER magazine in 2014 in which she balanced a champagne glass on her bottom. 

‘I’m sorry, Kim K who???’ one person joked. 

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