Clowns: Terrifying video shows evil clown on MOBILITY scooter as bizarre sightings hits Sheffield

THIS is the moment a creepy clown zoomed past some car salesmen as they saw the figure riding a mobility scooter on the streets of Sheffield.

The sighting is the latest in a string of clown spots in the UK, which seem to be following on from a craze in America.

This clown was seen heading south in Penistone Road, in the Hillsborough area of Sheffield.

It was seen, and captured on film, by staff at Martin Lee Car Sales.

It's unclear if the person is wearing a full clown outfit or if it was just a mask – which has a bald head and red tufts of hair.

People who are scared of clowns would find this one particularly menacing as it has speed on its side.



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Justin Martin Lee, from Martin Lee Car Sales, posted the video on Facebook and it has now been viewed more than 17,000 times.

He said: "He just shot past and we managed to get the phone out. It was just very strange."

Last month, the chilling epidemic was rife in the USA, as witnesses reported spotting men in clown costumes trying to lure kids into the woods.

As authorities fear for the safety of children, multiple safety warnings have been issued by the US police.

The craze has now reached the UK with bizarre reports of clowns scaring adults and children.

Northumberland Police said they received six separate reports of clown sightings since last Friday.

Schoolchildren in Newcastle were terrified as people dressed as clowns and jumped out from bushes to scare them.

A Welsh town has also been subject to a terrifying reign of a clown with passing motorists and residents on alert.

One brave youngster filmed the creepy clown near a children's play area in Caernafarnon, and some people say they have seen the haunting sight in the town for the past two months.

A school in Essex was kept on lockdown after two clowns in a black van approached female students and invited them to party.

Clacton County High School kept its 1,600 students in over their lunch break on Wednesday over fears about the clowns striking again.

Yesterday another creepy clown was filmed walking along a Manchester street in broad daylight.

Graham Alan Lowndes-Buckley, who spotted the clown in Ashton-under-Lyne, saw the man wearing a hockey mask and a ‘blood’ covered poncho while travelling home from work on the bus at around 5.30pm.

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