Colorado bear selfies – ‘Fame-hungry Kardashian bear’ goes viral after taking 400 snaps in forest | The Sun

MOVE over, Kim Kardashian – a black bear has become an internet star for taking hundreds of selfies on a wildlife camera in a single night.

Out of the 580 images taken on the camera, 400 photos were of the self-obsessed bear.

The Boulder, Colorado based Open Space and Mountain Parks team were shocked when they saw the selfies on the camera.

The photogenic bear seemed to pose for a variety of selfies, and provided some action shots by rolling around in front of the camera.

Phillip Yates, a spokesperson for Open Space and Mountain Parks, said: "In this instance, a bear took a special interest in one of our wildlife cameras and took the opportunity to capture hundreds of "selfies".

"These pictures made us laugh, and we thought others would, too."


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The bear can be seen trying to get the hang of angles, as one photo reveals a shot below it's chin.

The next series of photos show the bear posing perfectly, and even sticking it's tongue out.

After the impromptu photoshoot, the animal then wandered back off into the dense woods.

The Open Space and Mountain Parks team has nine cameras set up within the Colorado wilderness.

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The hidden cameras, spread across 46,000 acres of land, are set up to monitor different wildlife species without disturbing them.

Senior Colorado wildlife ecologist Will Keeley said: “The information we collect from them is used to recommend habitat-protective measures to help protect sensitive natural areas.”

Most of the creatures caught on the cameras don't notice the devices and just walk by.

This bear seemed to be captivated by the technology however, and stayed around for a while to pose for the researchers.

Those who saw the photos were tickled by it's antics.

One replied: "This is a cute beary -good story."

Another said: "Awww cute!"

One said: "She’s a natural. #Headshots."

One user nicknamed the bear "Kim-bearly Kardashian".

Wildlife ecologist Christian Nunes said: “We are fortunate to live in an area with a rich diversity of wildlife species, and these cameras help us to learn what animals are really out there, and what they are up to over the course of a day, a week, or even years.”

The team said the wildlife cameras have captured coyotes, beavers and black bears out in the wilderness.

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Ian said: “He was very inquisitive and quickly found my Go Pro on the feeding platform.

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