Cop car ‘runs man over and ploughs into crowd during police chase’

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A car meet has 'gotten out of control' and a police patrol vehicle has reportedly driven into a crowd of pedestrians.

A crowd had gathered at Pacific downtown in Tacoma, Washington, on Friday evening for a car meet.

However, video footage from the event showed the vehicles performing burnouts at an intersection and police cars turning up.

In one clip, a patrol car is believed to have driven into the crowd while responding to the call, and a man has been run over.

Reports state people had blocked off the streets during the car meet and crowds had gathered.

It's believed the police were trying to follow vehicles that had been involved in the car meet when the incident happened.

In the distressing footage uploaded online, witnesses were screaming after the incident and rushed to the man's aid.

The nature of injuries is not yet known.

In the lead up to police arriving, cars were filmed performing stunts and 'donuts' on the road.

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Plumes of smoke were rising in the air caused by the friction and skidmarks left on the street.

Later on in another clip, a white car was seen driving away when the patrol car was following.

Crowds of people remained in the road and surrounding streets, and the cop vehicle is then reported to have hit the man and potentially others.

Other reports claim Molotov cocktails, also known as a petrol bomb, were being thrown. Although, this has yet to be confirmed.

Police are yet to make an official statement on the incident.

It's believed the road is now blocked off by multiple police vehicles.

Eyewitnesses claim groups of people flocked to block the police cruiser from following the vehicle it was pursuing.

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