Cops 'warned seven times that murdering asylum seeker had knife before killing' | The Sun

COPS were warned seven times a murdering asylum seeker had a knife before he killed again on British soil, it is claimed.

Afghan Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, did not have his fingerprints checked when he entered the UK because he falsely claimed to be a child aged just 14.

Cricket club members warned Dorset Police he was carrying a machete two days before he murdered aspiring Royal Marine Tom Roberts, also 21, in Bournemouth last year in a late night row.

Police received further warnings from his foster mother, who told officers six times she suspected he had a knife.

Abdulrahimzai was on the run from murder charges in Serbia and was later jailed for 20 years in his absence of slaying two people with an assault rifle.

Earlier this week he was found guilty of murder at Salisbury crown court and is set to be ­sentenced tomorow.


Furious MP asks how the hell was murderer who faked age let into UK?

Soft touch Britain allowed Afghan ­double-murderer to set up new life in UK

A Dorset Police spokesman had previously said officers were “not aware of any previous convictions related to Abdulrahimzai”.

He went on: “Abdulrahimzai was not marked on any police intelligence systems within the UK as having convictions.”

Home Office minister Chris Philp said X-ray checks to establish the true ages of migrants will be introduced soon.

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