THE CORNISH accent has been voted the least sexy in the UK, revealed a new poll by Brits.

The poll was taken by 2,300 people on a dating site called Match, who rated accents from all over Britain.

The study revealed 87 per cent of applicants said the Cornish accent was "not sexy" whilst the accent that came out on top was Irish.

In response to the new survey, Cornishman John Hunt said it was his accent that 'bowled over' his future wife when they met 20 years ago.

The 43-year-old said: “I met my wife at university in Newcastle…she couldn’t believe my accent, she’d never heard anything like it before.

“I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but she fell for me as soon as she heard my accent, so it can’t be all bad!”

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Top 10 in the ‘Sexy Accent League’

The sexy accent league of the British Isles was found to be as follows

  1. Irish – Colin Farrell, Grandma Norton – 28 per cent
  2.  Northern Irish – James Nesbitt, Adrian Dunbar – 26 per cent
  3.  Geordie – Ant & Dec, Cheryl – 20 per cent
  4. Welsh – Rob Brydon, Anthony Hopkins – 19 per cent
  5.  Received Pronunciation (Queen’s English) – Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson – 19 per cent
  6. Yorkshire – Jodie Whittaker, Bob Mortimer – 16 per cent
  7. Glaswegian – Billy Connolly, Kelly Macdonald – 15 per cent
  8. Cockney – Danny Dyer, Michael Caine – 15 per cent
  9. Brummie – Adrian Chiles, Ozzy Osbourne – 14 per cent
  10. Cornish – John Nettles, Roger Taylor – 13 per cent

According to a Match spokeswoman, the app installed a voice-note feature because one in five singles claimed an 'attractive' accent was a make or break quality in a partner.

The spokeswoman said: “Like it or not, we’re judged on our voices in the early stages of dating.

“In fact, 21 per cent say they can tell if they’re going to find someone attractive just from hearing their voice.”

Dating expert Hayley Quinn, also from Match, added: "When it comes to attraction, your voice can be your superpower in creating the spark.

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“Yes, to succeed at online dating you need great pictures, and a well written profile, but incorporating your voice gives you the chance to stand out to potential dates and to create trust.

“You can short circuit first date awkwardness by communicating who you are using voice notes.”

Kezia Bole, a dating guru in London who has more than 16 years experience warned singles not to go to the cinema on the first date because it limits conversation.

She said: "You sit in silence for two hours and afterwards you feel like going home."

The dating expert's tips for a successful date can be found here.

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