Young couple who bought crumbling 220-year-old cottage for £165,000 share how they spent £40,000 transforming it and adding £95,000 in value

  • Ellie Cooper, 21, and her partner Ryan Beedham, 25, purchased the property in Barnsley last year for £165,000
  • The couple spent £40,000 completely transforming the ‘outdated’ property, which is now worth £300,000
  • They are now planning to sell their first home in favour of building a six-bedroom house on land next door  

A couple who bought a 220-year-old ‘run down’ cottage during the first coronavirus lockdown have shared the secret behind adding £95,000 in value to their home. 

Ellie Cooper, 21, and her partner Ryan Beedham, 25, purchased the property during the first UK wide lockdown in May 2020 for £165,000.

The cottage in Barnsley was ‘outdated’ with yellow tobacco stained walls, an overgrown garden and damp issues, but the couple immediately set to work to transform the home, which boasts three bedrooms and one bathroom. 

The pair have built a following of nearly 30,000 people on TikTok, where they show viewers how they have completely transformed their home. 

The pair originally purchased the home for £165,000 but their hard work and efforts have added £95,000 in value 

The pair said the 220-year-old home was outdated when they first purchased it over a year ago in May 2020

The young couple now plan to sell on the property and build a six-bedroom house on part of the land next to the cottage

The kitchen and dining area is now completely unrecognisable after the pair spent £40,000 transforming the home 

Ms Cooper said: ‘There wasn’t one room that was finished and looked somewhat OK. 

‘It was very outdated and run-down when we bought it. It was a big project to take on but it had so much potential.

‘The wallpaper was the worst to get off as when we tried to steam it, the tobacco from the old owner seeped through and made it so sticky.’

The pair spent £40,000 completely transforming the cottage into a sleek, modern home with up to date furnishings, neutral tones and a beautiful garden complete with an area for barbecues. 

Recent valuations indicate that the historic home is now worth around £300,000.  

The pair, who lived in Mr Beedham’s parent’s home while the renovations were underway, have given all three bedrooms a stylish upgrade, with the master bedroom featuring a black panelled wall. 

The pair have modernised while also maintaining the cottage feel of the home, sticking with neutral tones throughout 

A wall separating the kitchen and dining room was knocked through to create an open planned space for the couple 

The bathroom, which previously featured floral tiles and a dated three piece suite, is now sleek and stylish 

A stylish black back panel has been installed in the master bedroom as part of the transformation 

The historic wooden beams that came with the cottage have been retained in the living room, giving it a cosy feel

The floral carpets were ripped up in the refurbishment and replaced with modern tiles, retaining a cottage feel 

The kitchen has also undergone a major overhaul after the wall separating it from the dining room was knocked down, creating a large, open-place space for the pair to enjoy. 

Fresh appliances and white cabinets with wooden countertops have made the kitchen unrecognisable. 

The bathroom, originally a three piece suite with floral tiles of the walls, now features a walk in shower, a curved white tub and marble flooring and walls.  

Elsewhere, the couple have retained some historic elements of their home, keeping the exposed wooden beams in the living room. 

They now plan to sell on the property and build a six-bedroom house on part of the land next to the cottage. 

‘I always said I was never ever moving from the cottage, and so did Ryan – until he learnt he could build his dream home,’ Ms Cooper said. 

‘He likes a more modern interior and exterior and is very picky, as am I when it comes to designing and architecture. Building a house from scratch is perfect for us.

‘We were about halfway in when we realised we would be better off selling the cottage and building our own house.

‘The location is perfect so being able to build a house there is top notch.’

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