A PENNSYLVANIA District Attorney pled guilty to sexually assaulting five women he was representing, and was force to resign from his position.

District Attorney of Bradford County Chad Salsman apparently intimidated and promoted prostitution in forcing his women clients to perform sexual acts while representing them in criminal and child custody cases.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced on Friday that Salsman, who is required to step down from his position as part of his deal, pled guilty to charges of intimidation, promoting prostitution, and obstruction of justice.

Salsman represented women in numerous cases, including some of whom "struggled with addictions, had a history of being sexually abused, or suffered from other vulnerabilities which Salsman exploited," his criminal complaint read.

Many of the assaults happened in his office, where he sexually assaulted women on his desk and "then directed them to his private bathroom to ‘clean up’ using paper towels or cleaning wipes," the complaint reads.

He was also accused of attempting to interfere with the investigation into his actions.

Salsman was placed on temporary suspension in March, according to the Disciplinary Board for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

"As Attorney General, I have a responsibility to stand up for the most vulnerable in our Commonwealth," said Shapiro in a statement.

"Chad Salsman used his position as a private attorney, and then as the District Attorney, to intimidate and silence his victims and interfere with our investigation," Shapiro continues. "Today is a powerful reminder that no one is above the law."

"To date, we’ve arrested 90 public officials for charges related to public corruption, including embezzlement, sexual assault, and other abuses of power," he ended. "My Office will continue to seek justice for victims as we uncover public corruption – wherever it lies."

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