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Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said that scandal-rocked Gov. Andrew Cuomo is “past the point of no return” on the heels of a blistering investigative report that determined the gov sexually harassed or groped nearly a dozen women.

De Blasio’s remarks came just hours after New York Attorney General Letitia James published the explosive findings, which forced key Democratic leaders across the Empire State and top national figures — including President Biden — to demand Cuomo’s resignation.

“An assault on a woman, any assault on a woman, he should face criminal charges,” de Blasio, a longtime opponent of Cuomo, said on CNN. “On top of that, if you use your power and position to cover up the assault — that sounds criminal to me.”

Hizzoner was equally dismissive of Cuomo’s full-throated counterattack against the 165-page report issued by James — and aired a presentation with photo montages showing the governor kissing and hugging people.

“His statement was laughable and his attempt to show pictures of him with family members as a defense was an insult to these women — an insult to the whole notion that a public servant is held to a high standard,” de Blasio said.

“He should resign and if he won’t resign, he should be impeached as quickly as possible,” the mayor continued, doubling down on his earlier calls for Cuomo to resign. “He can’t govern, he can’t govern.”

The mayor also wasted little time in pointing out Cuomo’s slew of other scandals — including allegations he covered up the true death toll in the state’s nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic and that he used state staff to help write his COVID memoir.

“This was one investigation — there’s a whole separate series of issues around the nursing homes scandal, whether the facts of all those deaths in the nursing homes due to COVID was covered up; there’s a scandal around the book he wrote with the help of state employees,” de Blasio told the cable network. “There’s a scandal around giving out vaccines to political supporters and withholding vaccine supplies from opponents.”

“I mean, this guy is past the point of no return,” he continued. “He can’t govern, he just has to go.”

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