Delivery driver tumbles head over heels over garden gate

Delivery driver nearly loses his TROUSERS when he tumbles head over heels over garden gate because his eyes were glued to his phone

  • Angela Davies, 55, from Keighley, Yorkshire, had been expecting a delivery 
  • The delivery driver had been returning to his vehicle when he tumbled over gate
  • Ms Davies had to the driver from the gate after trousers stuck onto curled iron

A delivery driver flew head over heels over a customer’s gate and almost lost his trousers in the process as he walked back to his vehicle while ‘staring at his phone’.  

Angela Davies, 55, from Keighley, Yorkshire, had been expecting a delivery of fabric on January 13, when her doorbell rang at 6pm. 

The DX Freight employee, who helpfully carried the parcel from his van to the house, had been returning to his vehicle when he tumbled over the garden gate at the end of the path and was left hanging upside down.

Ms Davies later described how she had to lift and unhook the driver from the gate after his trousers became stuck to the curled iron on top. 

The delivery driver tumbles over the customer’s gate in Keighley, Yorkshire, as he returns to his van 

The DX Freight employee, who has  carried the parcel from his van to the house, fails to spot the garden gate in front of him 

Angela Davies, 55, rushes out of her home and tries to assist the delivery driver who is now hanging upside down 

The homeowner said: ‘We’re still giggling about it now. It was a whole catalogue of silliness.

‘I came out with my arms open because I wanted to make sure I was socially distanced but then realised he was hooked on the swirls by his trousers.

‘I grabbed on to his ankle with my right hand and then lifted him up into the air to try and relieve some weight because he was hanging off the floor.

‘When I managed to unhook him, I forgot he wasn’t already on the ground and let go and he just fell to the floor. That’s why I said ”I’m so sorry”.

‘He got up and walked away laughing. His trouser pocket was completely caught up in the scroll.

‘It was twisted round because he’d fallen forward but then tried to turn around and unhook himself.

‘It had twisted the whole of his trousers and you can see on the camera that they had come down a bit and his pants were out.’ 

During the clip, the delivery driver walks towards the gate and tumbles head over heels onto the ground. 

Ms Davies manages to unhook the driver from the iron gate and he lands on the ground 

The homeowner later described how the delivery driver appeared to be busy on his phone when he walked into the gate and his trousers hooked onto the swirls a the top

Ms Davies (pictured with her husband Martin) believes the delivery driver was also preoccupied with her and her husband Martin’s two dogs

Within seconds, Ms Davies rushes out of her home and says: ‘Oh my god! Oh my gosh. Did you trip on a step?’

After unhooking the driver from the gate, the concerned homeowner asks: ‘Are you ok? Are you sure?’ 

Ms Davies believes the delivery driver was preoccupied with her and her husband Martin’s two dogs – German shepherd Mila, seven, and one-year-old Labrador Sable – barking in the kitchen. 

She continued: ‘He’d have been through the gate a few times before this happened. He went through our gate once to get to the door and then two more times when he carried in the fabric for me.

‘I think he was just in such a hurry to get away as it was the end of his shift and he wasn’t sure if the dogs were going to come out.

‘Coupled with that, he was staring at his phone after taking a photo of the delivery and went head over feet over the gate.

‘I was just about to close the door when I heard the commotion and I opened it and saw him over the top of it.

‘It’s a bit of a standing joke the dogs bark at visitors and that people think ”I hope they’re locked away”. I always ask them if they want to buy a dog to see what their reaction is.

‘The pair of them are harmless but it can be a bit of a shock for people seeing Mila jumping up at the window.’

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