Designer of UK’s hated Magic Roundabout must be ‘clinically insane’, locals fume

Residents near Britain's most hated roundabout have slammed the confusing layout, with one person calling its designer "clinically insane".

The so-called Magic Roundabout in Swindon, Wiltshire, is a beast of an idea. Each of the four exits on the main roundabout has its own mini roundabout – five roundabouts in one, basically, which means motorists have to navigate two separate give-away systems at all times while passing through it.

Designed in 1971 by the inventor of the mini roundabout Frank Blackmore OBE, the mini roundabouts at each exit up the maximum possible amount of traffic to pass through the roundabout from 5,100 vehicles an hour to 6,200, according to The Sun.

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Despite this, people have criticised the roundabout as a "mess", "confusing" and a "test" on people's driving abilities.

Stef Van Eyndhofen, 49, from Oxfordshire, is one such person who let rip his hatred.

He told The Sun: "What a mess this is. All my anger about the English roundabout is coming out.

"The person who designed this roundabout must have had clinical insanity."

Originally from the Netherlands, the Dutchman went on to slam British-designed roundabouts, saying that if the English didn't understand the rules for one, they shouldn't put five roundabouts together.

He added that the Magic Roundabout was confusing and dangerous and should be banned as it doesn't do the brain any favours.

He said: "The designer has lost his mind and should be sectioned."

Swindon resident Sally Hobbs, 51, said that she was proud of the Magic Roundabout, even though she had been involved in a crash on it herself.

The chiropractor did admit, however, the roundabout did make driving more difficult, saying "people chance their arm a lot" and that it tests people's driving skills.

She said: "A lot of people struggle with giving way on the middle roundabout. People are put off by it and don’t like it at all."

Another long-time local said the roundabout caused accidents and noise pollution.

While Wendy Lee, 77, who has lived near the roundabout for more than 40 years, is used to the noise, she regaled the time a painter – who was on a ladder at her place doing some work – almost fell off due to the noise of the cars.

Wendy also said that her sister in law wouldn't visit her home because she found the roundabout too confusing.

Wendy added that police are regularly in the area trying to catch drivers charging down the road and "tearing off" through the roundabout.

She said: "We hear about accidents, and the reason is the cars go too fast. A lot of people don’t understand what way to go and don’t know what they’re doing."

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