Furious victims say a "disgusting" mum should be jailed after she admitted raking in £22,000 by lying about having terminal cancer.

Megan Scotcher, 27, pleaded guilty to fraud after falsely claiming she only had months to live after hospital scans revealed seven tumours in her lungs on Facebook.

She pocketed GoFundMe donations from July to December last year, having previously undergone successful cancer treatment with chemotherapy and surgery.

Victims lined up to slam the mum-of-two, of Ripley, Derbyshire, after her sentencing at Nottingham Crown Court was on Thursday adjourned to September for psychiatric reports.

One told the Sun that Scotcher's false claims she was dying had "devastated" her family.

Mum-of-two Danielle believes the fraudster should be jailed when she is sentence in autumn to “teach her a lesson.”

“It was a terrible thing for her to do and I think she should be made to pay back every single penny people gave her," she said.

"As far as I’m aware, GoFundMe refunded everyone but that's not the point – she should pay back not them.

"We all know people who do have cancer and the fact that she lied about it is disgusting.

“I don’t think she’ll get the punishment she deserves but just a slap on the wrist. She should be jailed. She needs to be taught a lesson."

Danielle said her lies had caused a "massive rift" in Scotcher's family.

It comes after the dad of one of the con artist's ex-boyfriends slammed the lying mum for raking in £22,000 from well-wishers.

Ian Corbett-Bromley says his son Jamie had unwittingly been drawn into Meghan Scotcher's web of deceit and was "horrified" by what had happened.

Ian said she conned his son, 29, into setting up a GoFundMe page after revealing she was dying.

Speaking from his home in Ripley, Ian said: "He was the organiser of the fundraiser in good faith.

"They had split up way before this happened but he still wanted to help.

"We’re all as shocked as anyone when we found out it was a complete lie."

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He also revealed that Jamie is now sole parent to his and Scotcher's toddler son Archie, saying: "He has full time care of Archie, he’s absolutely fine, he’s a happy little boy."

He said mum-of-two Scotcher, who pleaded guilty to faking a terminal cancer diagnosis to make £22,000, "must be punished" for her crime – although declined to say if she should be caged or spared jail.

His wife Caroline added: "We know all about her lies now, it is very hurtful and upsetting for many people. She and Jamie are definitely not together."

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