A former doctor has been slapped with 18 life sentences for the disgusting sexual assault of 12 children, a special prosecutor has stated.

Barry Alan Walker, 58, of Glenwood, Arkansas, still faces a further 21 similar charges at Clark County Court, where a special hearing has been set by a judge.

Walker pleaded guilty to all the Pike County charges, which included one for drugs and guns found on his property as well as the sexual assault of 12 different children.

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Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Turner said that four of the 18 life sentences would be served consecutively, leaving 14 life sentences to be served concurrently without option for parole.

Speaking on the sentencing, which Walker received the maximum penalty for on each, Turner said: "All of the Pike County cases have been fully resolved at this point.

"It was important to me and law enforcement that we seek the full measure of justice that we could for these. It was important that we tell them [victims] that this was the maximum sentence."

Six of the 12 victims provided impact statements to the court, with Turner adding that nine of the total 12 victims are still minors.

He continued: "I didn't want these girls to relive this abuse.

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"But I wanted them to be able to have a voice and tell the judge and the defendant, 'Here's how your actions have impacted me."

Walker was charged with a total of 132 separate felony charges involving 31 children in Pike and Clark counties following his arrest in June, with victims believed to be between the age of 4 and 14 at the times of the crimes.

The series of sickening crimes took place across 1997 to 2021, with Turner adding that any charge including a victim has remained after a charge of downloading pornography was dropped.

Walker had been convicted of sexually abusing an eight-year-old in 1999, with his medical license revoked in 2000, although the doctor was released on a £18k bail due to prison overcrowding, ArkansasOnline reported.

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