Dog owner was left with horrific leg injuries after being attacked by German Shepherd cross Belgian Malinois puppy named ‘Thor’ days after bringing him home

  • Owner shared horrific pictures online as a warning to others about dog breeder
  • The post describes how puppy would repeatedly bite owners and refuse to let go
  • He was given to rescuer who says it is second problem pup from same breeder
  • Rescuer slammed Fawnnest Kennels, Lockerbie, for puppy’s behaviour problems

A dog owner was left with horrific injuries to both of her legs after being attacked by her new puppy just days after bringing him home.

William Fraser and his fiancée Marianne were excited to welcome puppy Thor into their home in time for him to settle in for Christmas.

But the German Shepherd Belgian Malinois cross puppy had behavioural problems and quickly began to behave aggressively. 

Shocking images show purple and black bruises all the way up one leg and two puncture wounds in the flesh of Marianne’s legs after the dog lunged at her.  

German Shepherd Belgian Melinois mix locked on to owners’ legs and did not let go, they said

The behaviour left the owner with horrific injuries to their legs, pictures shared have shown

Pictured: Thor was given up by his owners after just weeks after pictures show he caused horrific injuries to his owners

Thor, the 17-week-old German Shepherd Belgian Malinois cross was given up by his owners

The couple brought Thor home from the breeders on October 17 and it was only a matter of days before the problems began, they told MailOnline. 

William said it was ‘with heavy heart’ that they were forced to make the decision to give him up. 

William told MailOnline: ‘We saw a dramatic change in the second week he was with us.

‘He started to challenge Marianne, locking on and not letting go, then the biting started. After couple of days, he got worse and it resulted in Marianne endlessly being attacked and her face being hurt.’

The couple had adopted Thor from Fawnnest Kennels in Lockerbie and shared the images of Marianne’s injuries in a bid to warn others.  

William said they tried to stay optimistic and even invested in getting a trainer and a behaviour specialist but that there was no improvement. 

In what he described as ‘the hardest decision’, William said the couple decided to give Thor up to a rescue centre who specialised in retraining dogs for military or police service. 

He told MailOnline: ‘We are devastated. It still hurts. We had to take time off our work as we are that upset especially coming up to Christmas time where we thought we would have our we pup.

Thor was picked up by Julie Nevett this week and she said she had received another puppy – which she called Thor 1 – from the same litter after its owners were unable to cope with behavioural problems. 

In a post on Facebook, Julie said Thor 1 had been brought to her because he had caused injuries to a child which required medical treatment.

She claims both puppies were handed to owners by Fawnnest Kennels and that the owners expected to get ‘pet-quality pups’. 

Pictured: Heartbroken couple William Fraser and Marianne Brady with their first dog Bear

The owners (pictured) have given Thor to a rescue after being unable to manage his behaviour

Sharing images of the horrific injuries on Facebook yesterday, Julie wrote: ‘I have never publicly named the breeder of any dog that has entered our rescue.

‘Today I’m going to break that rule. I feel dreadful for both owners, not only have they lost a significant amount of money and their puppy, they have quite serious injuries.

‘Do not buy a ‘pet’ Malinois X German Shepherd from Fawnnest Kennels. I b****y hope the breeders are suitably ashamed of themselves.’

The post has received over 300 comments from social media users who were split with their opinions whether it was the breeder or the fault of inexperienced owners.

Lynne Dickson said: ‘This ‘breeder’ sold a German Shepherd pup to friends. It’s now five-months-old and it’ll be lucky to see one-years-old.

Thor was given to a rescue centre and it is understood will be trained for the military or police

‘Its spine and hips are riddled with problems, pup has also bitten them a few times too.’

William told MailOnline he has contacted the SPCA and the local council to raise concerns about Fawnnest Kennels.

He says when he complained to the breeders they offered him a refund in exchange for the return of the puppy.

But Mr Fraser told MailOnline: ‘It’s not about the money – it’s about the pup and what they have done.’

In his warning shared online, he added: ‘This is not Thor the pup’s fault as they have obviously been kept as wild animals. I just want people to know there are two of the same pack there.’ 

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are typically trained for the police and the military, although it is not uncommon for them to be owned by families. 

It is understood Thor was taken to be retrained for police and military service. 

Fawnnest Kennels has been contacted by MailOnline. 

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