Amazon Alexa can be pretty useful at times – she can play music, answer questions, create shopping lists…she can even read you a bedtime story.

But while she’s pretty handy to us humans, our dogs might not agree.

Have you ever tried asking Alexa to talk to your dog?

One dog that doesn’t like her is Tyson.

Tyson’s owner @tysonblue6 recorded his reaction to Alexa in a Video on Tik Tok – he was less than impressed.

The poor pooch can be heard howling at Alexa after she calls him a "bad, bad, bad boy".

A video of the encounter has had more than nine million views and has received thousands of comments.

One user wrote: "He said no Alexa I’m a good boy!!!"

A second commented: "Tyson, don’t listen to her… you're a good boy."

While a third added: "He’s screaming 'slander' lol."

"That pooch was like Mom what you lying to the robot lady," said another.

Others demanded Alexa take it back while many also reported the video had woken up their device.

The user later posted a video of Alexa calling Tyson a good boy, he didn’t like that either.

How does your dog respond to Alexa?

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