‘I have a secret – I fancy Dominic Cummings!’: Boris Johnson’s former aide wins surprise fans thanks to his unbuttoned shirt and northern accent

  • Dominic Cummings, 49, branded ‘sexy’ and ‘kinda hot’ by new Twitter fans 
  • People ‘do not know why’ they now fancy the Durham-born political strategist
  • Other users horrified as new fans told to ‘get therapy’ and to ‘delete this, pal’ 

Maybe it was the open-necked shirt or the northern accent – but some viewers found the most surprising thing about Dominic Cummings’ blockbuster performance before MPs yesterday was how much they fancied him.

Social media users took to Twitter to say how Boris Johnson’s former right hand man left them hot under the collar as he slammed the Prime Minister and the majority of the Government in a seven-hour denunciation of their handling of the Covid crisis. 

The 49-year-old was branded ‘sexy’ and ‘kinda hot’ after delivering a bombshell performance in which he claimed Mr Johnson was ‘unfit’ to be in charge before labelling Health Secretary Matt Hancock a ‘serial liar’. 

But maybe it was the father-of-one’s honesty over his own mistakes which turned on some viewers, after he confessed to being untruthful about his infamous trip to Durham amid coronavirus restrictions last year. 

Viewers seemed confused over their newfound attraction to the happily married political strategist, saying they ‘did not know why’ they now fancied him, or admitting their new crush was ‘weird’.  

Dominic Cummings branded ‘sexy’ and ‘kinda hot’ by viewers following appearance at select committee on Wednesday 

New fans of Dominic Cummings could not explain their sudden attraction to the strategist following his explosive appearance at the select committee 

One viewer branded Mr Cummings ‘sexy’, admitting that their new crush on the political figure was ‘weird’

‘I have a secret – I fancy Dominic Cummings!’ one wrote, ‘Don’t know why I just do. I like intelligent men.’ 

Another said: ‘I think Dominic Cummings is sexy! Weird I know!’ 

Mr Cummings is a data-driven strategist with a flair for concocting catchy slogans – including the ‘take back control’ Brexit quip, which he put to effective use as campaign director of Vote Leave in 2016.  

And although he remains a powerful figure in British politics – despite being ousted from the Conservative government last November – it was the Durham accent which appeared to hit a chord with viewers.   

‘Anyone else finding #dominiccummings a bit sexy right now? … okay just me then… must be the northern accent,’ one Twitter user said.    

Another added: ‘Damn Dominic Cummings soundin kinda sexy rn.’ 

Mr Cummings’ Durham accent was a turn on for some viewers as he blasted senior government figures for their alleged ‘failures’ in the handling of the Covid crisis

Mr Cummings came off as ‘sexy’ to several viewers during his seven-hour appearance at the select committee 

The compliments flooded in for the controversial political figure, who is happily married to Mary Wakefield, 45, the commissioning editor of The Spectator.

But the fresh appreciation for the man – who coined the Tory’s winning ‘Get Brexit done’ slogan at the 2019 general election – left other Twitter users in despair.  

When another confessed: ‘Dominic Cummings is kind of hot in like a weird evil alien way’, and said he wanted to ‘twiddle his nipples’, others berated the fan, telling them ‘you need glasses’ and to ‘go to therapy’. 

‘Get help. Meds. Glasses. Anything,’ replied one, before another pleaded: ‘Delete this pal.’ 

One joked: ‘After this, I never want to be shamed for my Whitty fetish by any of you.’

The ex-top aide to Boris Johnson was described by one viewer as being ‘hot’ but in a ‘weird evil alien way’ 

Friends and followers reacted in horror to a tweet calling Mr Cummings ‘hot’, telling the writer ‘get help’ and ‘delete this pal’

But others showed supported – albeit reluctantly – with one admitting: ‘Ok, this is repugnant but also true.’ 

Another chimed in: ‘White shirt rolled to below the elbow will render literally any man an adonis to me, it’s awful.’ 

One simply wrote: ‘Correct take’. 

Mr Cummings made several explosive claims during his seven-hour appearance at the select committee on Wednesday. 

He told MPs that ‘tens of thousands of people died, who didn’t need to die’, before saying he was sorry for ministers and advisers ‘like me’ for ‘falling disastrously short of the standards that the public has the right to expect.’  

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