Dramatic moment ‘acid attacker’ is battered unconscious by angry crowd after ‘throwing toilet cleaner in woman’s face’

THIS is the dramatic moment an "acid attacker" is battered unconscious by an angry mob after allegedly throwing toilet cleaner in a woman's face.

The man was punched and kicked to the ground in violent scenes in Malaga, Spain, recorded by an onlooker in the flat above.

One of the assailants appeared to hit the man with an umbrella before he was cornered by a car and pummelled by at least half a dozen men.

A woman who tried to get in on the action by grabbing him from behind while he was receiving blows from all sides was led away so she wouldn’t get hurt.

The astonishing scenes took place in a rundown neighbourhood of Malaga called La Palmilla.

The man who took the beating, a 31-year-old of North African origin, was left lying unconscious on the pavement. 

His assailants stepped back when he fell out of apparent fear he would not get up again.

But moments later he appeared to come round and was subsequently filmed being handcuffed by the police. 

After his arrest, it emerged he was wanted for shoplifting.

Local reports said the man was singled out for the mob attack after an argument with a Spanish woman aged 55.

The woman is said to have had a hydrochloric acid based cleaner called Agua Fuerte – literally meaning Strong Water in English – thrown into her eyes by the man who was arrested.

She was taken to hospital to be treated for burns but released hours later with no lasting damage.

Police said today they were still investigating. 

It was not immediately clear what prompted the argument leading to the acid attack.

The men who assaulted the detainee are thought to have mistaken him for the partner of the woman who had the liquid thrown in her face, believing it was a domestic violent incident.

The events unfolded just days after a 26-year-old man was arrested over a terrible acid attack on an ex-girlfriend and her friend in the street in Cartama a short drive inland from Malaga.

Jose Arcadio, nicknamed El Melillero, was arrested after a four-day police manhunt and has been remanded in custody on two counts of attempted murder.

The two women targeted were inside a car when a man doused them in acid. Both were seriously injured and one remains in a specialist burns unit at a hospital in Seville.

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