A DRIVING hack has revealed how to fix your car's fogged up headlights with an everyday ingredient from the bathroom.

Often getting overlooked, foggy headlights can reduce visibility, which could cause an avoidable danger.

But replacing entire headlights units on your motor is a costly business – especially more modern headlights with LED technology.

That's why one Instagram content creator has come up with a handy DIY solution to keep them in good nick.

He claims that all you need is a bit of toothpaste and a rag to get your headlights in top condition once again.

It's recommended to apply the toothpaste to your motor's lights in a "small circular motion".

You should also be careful to not get any toothpaste on your car as it can damage the paint.

One way to get around this is to first cover all paint work around the light with tape.

After leaving the DIY solution to sit for five minutes, the car expert says to add some baking soda if your toothpaste doesn't have any in it.

Finally, you should get a fresh rag and wash everything down with some clean water.

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If the headlights are still a bit foggy, repeat until you have the results you are after.

Many older cars suffer foggy headlights, where the outside of their plastic cover dulls over time

Cars running with dim lights, which can often be because of foggy headlights, can run the risk of getting an £1,000 fine.

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