Duke of Marlborough has to hand back the keys of his £132k Porsche

Blenheim Palace-owning Duke of Marlborough is ordered to hand back the keys of his £132,000 Porsche Cayenne after only paying for ‘half’ of the car – despite being worth £188m

  • The Duke of Marlborough failed to make payments on a £132k Porsche Cayenne
  • Volkswagen Financial Services took the Duke to court over the unsettled debt 
  • The Duke paid £67,721.64 when entering an agreement to buy the car in 2018
  • An Oxford court ruled the Duke had to hand over the car and pay £602 costs

A county court judge has ordered that a £132,000 Porsche Cayenne belonging to the Duke of Marlborough, can be seized by a finance company, after payments had defaulted.

Charles Spencer-Churchill, who owns spectacular Blenheim Palace, was not present in court in Oxford for the application to re-possess the top of the range luxury car.

Volkswagen Financial Services UK Ltd took the Duke to court for a hearing to recover the part paid-for car after it was alleged he failed to keep up payments – despite being worth £188 million. 

The 12th Duke of Marlborough, Charles James Spencer Churchill, pictured, paid £68,000 towards a Porsche Cayenne in 2018 and agreed to settle the balance by installments 

He failed to pay the remaining £64,000 of the balance to settle the original bill of £132k

The Duke, who owns Blenheim Palace, pictured, failed to turn up in court when the case was heard. He was ordered to hand over the car and pay £600  in costs

The Oxford Mail reported that Porsche Financial Services, trading as Volkswagen Financial Services UK Ltd, took the Blenheim Palace owner to court, claiming he owed almost £64,500 on the £132k Porsche Cayenne.

The newspaper reported that the Duke, whose name appears in court documents as Charles Spencer-Churchill, entered into the financial agreement in July 2018.

‘He paid £67,721.64 for the Cayenne EST Turbo Tip S car – equating to little over half of the vehicle’s total price of £132,194.34. That left an outstanding balance of £64,472.70 to pay,’ the newspaper reported.

‘In court papers Georgina Muschamp, for VW Financial Services, said a default notice was served on the Duke last September informing him about the unpaid instalments and warning him that the vehicle could be repossessed.

‘The agreement was then effectively terminated in November.

‘Ms Muschamp said VW Financial Services’ solicitors wrote to the Duke in February demanding that he return the Porsche. The defendant [the Duke of Marlborough] has refused and/or failed to do so,’ she said.

At the hearing, District Judge Richard Lumb ruled that the financial services firm could recover the Porsche, which had been ‘wrongly kept’ by the peer. He was also ordered to pay £602 in costs by September 13.

The newspaper said that Blenheim Palace had been approached for comment but no response was received from the Duke or his representatives.

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