Eerie abandoned building ‘frozen in time’ full of unworn suit jackets and notes

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    These creepy photos show the inside of an industrial building that has been abandoned for 10 years.

    The building, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, has been left empty since 2012 and pictures show the eerie state it lies in.

    Located on Canal Road, the 19th-century five-storey building previously used by the fabric and clothing manufacturer Ibatex Ltd, appears to have been 'frozen in time'.

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    Old papers lie stacked on the desks, while huge piles of unworn suit jackets spill out of boxes and hang on racks.

    The now-dissolved company which was based in the building, Ibatex, was owned by Charles Bambage, who still has the building.

    The pictures show how his desk lies untouched, complete with name sign and stacks of hand-written notes.

    After visiting the eerie building on January 7, urban explorer Kyle 'Urbex', 26, said: "After going through huge research to find this place, I was stunned once inside to see old computers and old suit jackets.

    "Starting on the lower floors, I then decided to climb the spiral staircase to the second floor. I was shocked to find the old offices with Mr Bambage's name still on the desk.

    "I did manage to uncover some old spinning and other machinery – but the upper floors were the most surprising."

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    "They were a complete natural decay of rot and starting to collapse with only pigeons occupying the upper levels.

    "I did quite enjoy this explore and it's one I'm glad I managed to explore."

    In 2016 local reports emerged that owner Bambage had submitted plans to transform it into a block of apartments.

    But the property, dating back to 1854, still lies empty today.

    Warehouse worker Kyle added: "The most interesting part for me was certainly the way everything remains intact.

    "The computers on the desk were mind-blowing – as if someone had walked out yesterday and never returned.

    "Not to mention the vintage carpet and all the old suit jackets left behind. It was all just so mesmerising."


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