THE EUROMILLIONS draw returned with a mega jackpot of £122m ready to be won.

The winning numbers for Tuesday's draw were 17 21 36 42 46 and the Lucky Stars were 7 and 10.

There were no jackpot winners, but one lucky Brit scooped £287,059 – meaning Friday's draw rolls over and now stands at an estimated £137m.

Meanwhile, the Thunderball draw also took place shortly beforehand.

The winning numbers were: 1, 3, 6, 15 and 39, while the Thunderball itself was 11.

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    It's a rollover!

    A lucky Brit could be richer to the tune of an eye-watering £122million, if they scoop the EuroMillions jackpot tonight.

    The top prize grew by £12m after no one won the £110m pot in the draw earlier this week.

    The jaw-dropping EuroMillions jackpot would propel a single winner into the ranks of the rich and famous overnight.

    A single winner would storm straight into fifth place on the National Lottery’s Rich List. It would be the sixth EuroMillions jackpot won in the UK this year.

    The biggest UK EuroMillions jackpot winner was an anonymous ticket-holder who banked £170m in October 2019.

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    Using green to go green

    The eco-savvy couple have also used their every-growing income to better the world.

    Frances added: "With one eye on the future, Paddy has invested a million pounds in the prototype for a new machine to put in people’s homes that will identify different materials before separating them.

    "If you can separate plastics at source, then you can make something else out of them."

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    Bargain hunter (continued)

    Retired teacher Francis told the Times: "When we won the lottery I said I wanted a second-hand car, and I really did.

    "This year I changed that and I got an electric Jag for £60,000.

    "It had to be new because there really aren’t any that are second-hand, but I’ll keep this and hope to God there will be a second-hand Jag by the time I’m finished with this one.

    "I felt as if the extravagance of it was justified by the ecological benefits."

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    Bargain hunter

    A couple who scooped a £115million Euromillions jackpot STILL hunt for bargains – and have claimed their biggest purchase only cost £60,000.

    Patrick and Frances Connolly, from Armagh, became the fourth-biggest lottery winners in HISTORY when they took home the eye-watering sum on New Year's Day in 2019.

    But – far from from splurging the funds like countless lotto winners before them -the couple gave away a whopping £60million of it to charity and family in need.

    And now, two years on from their life-changing day, the pair have kept their frugality, with their biggest spend being a brand-new £60,000 electric Jaguar for 54-year-old Francis.

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    Recap: Last night's Thunderball results

    The results for the Thunderball draw are in.

    The winning numbers are: 1, 3, 6, 15 and 39.

    And the Thunderball itself is 11.

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    Recap: The winning Euromillions numbers

    The winning numbers for last night’s EuroMillions draw have been revealed.

    They are: 17 21 36 42 46 and the Lucky Stars are 7 and 10.

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    The luckiest star sign revealed

    Well, it’s good news if you’re born in February or March.

    According to research from Lott and MailOnline, dreamy Pisces is the luckiest sign of the zodiac when it comes to winning the lottery.

    The data, which was based on those winning the top lottery jackpot, found that 11.6% of the winners were Pisces – meaning, on average, they were more likely to pick the golden ticket.

    Go-with the-flow Pisces will stumble upon extraordinarily lucky breaks and often find themselves effortlessly attracting most things on their wish list.

    So, Pisces, if you’re reading this maybe you should get down to the shops and buy a lottery ticket.

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    Which draws are on which days?

    Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

    There is a draw 6 nights a week.

    However, there are no draws on Sundays. Tonight it is the turn of the Lotto and the Thunderball draws.

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    Written in the stars

    Astrologers have suggested that there are specific numbers that could be worth playing if you want to win the lottery.

    They are 1, 4, 2, and 7.

    Also, those numbers that add up to these like 10, 11, and 22 can be your lucky numbers in 2021.

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    Mo money mo problems

    In 2016, the Davies family won £61million on the EuroMillions.

    Stephanie Davies, then 23, reluctantly bought a ticket after mum Sonia phoned from Florida and begged her to buy one.

    Sonia, who worked as an administration assistant, was in the US having vital keyhole surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from the parathyroid glands in her neck, and had a feeling she would go on a winning streak after the op was a success.

    But even this happy family couldn’t avoid controversy as it was reported father of the family Keith, of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, would share his cash with his daughters with ex Mandy – but his wife’s son was allegedly snubbed.

    Keith’s partner Sonia’s estranged son Spencer Pugh claimed he would not see a penny of the £61million EuroMillions win.

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    Explained: How does the National Lottery work?

    The National Lottery raises money to go to many ‘good causes’ and have helped give out numerous grants to those that need it most.

    On their website they state: “We retain around just 1% of revenue in profit, while around 95% of total revenue goes back to winners and society. More so, we run one of the most cost-efficient major lotteries in Europe, with around 4% of total revenue spent on operating costs.

    “To date, National Lottery players have helped to raise over £43 billion for Good Causes, with more than 635,000 individual awards made across the UK – the equivalent of more than 225 lottery grants in every UK postcode district.”

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    Is EuroMillions prize money capped?

    The maximum jackpot prize is capped at €200 million – before conversion – and can alter depending on which country the winner lives in and the value of their currency.

    In the UK, the winner’s prize would be capped around £181.5million.

    That’s an eye watering sum of money.

    Last month, a French ticket holder bagged an estimated £184m.

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    How to win the lottery

    Firstly, select the right game. The lottery could mean one of several games – each with different odds and jackpots.

    Playing a game with smaller odds gives you a better chance of winning.

    Secondly, buy more tickets. This sounds obvious, but there are several ways to do this.

    Aside from simply splashing out more yourself, one way of increasing your odds of winning is to join a syndicate or pool.

    This could be made up of friends, family, colleagues or even strangers – it doesn’t matter.

    A syndicate or pool is a group of people who purchase a set number of tickets and agree to share any prizes out equally, whoever wins.

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    Down to the wire

    Back in 2019, a player in Manchester claimed their £1m prize just hours before the limit.

    Others, however, haven’t been so lucky.

    In June 2012, a EuroMillions prize worth an unbelievable £63.8m went unclaimed.

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    Time is running out (continued)

    “We’re hoping that they will now come forward and claim their amazing prize.”

    There’s still hope the unwitting London millionaire could come forward, despite the tight deadline.

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    Time is running out…

    No one has yet come forward after a £4.1m Lotto win earlier this month.

    The ticket-holder scooped a £4,101,869 jackpot by matching all six main numbers.

    Camelot’s Andy Carter of The National Lottery said the Lotto prize will change the winner’s life.

    “We’re asking Lotto players to check their tickets as this could be a life-changing win for the lucky ticket-holder,” he said.

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    Explained: Where does Lottery funding go?

    In the year ending 31 March 2021, the funds were shared as follows:

    • Health, education, environment and charitable causes – 40%
    • Sport – 20%
    • Arts – 20%
    • Heritage – 20%

    What are the most popular EuroMillions numbers?

    A lot of people doing the EuroMillions pick a lucky dip to get their numbers.

    Lottoland advises that people should avoid popular numbers, like 1-31, as people tend to opt for their birth date.

    This means if these numbers come up more people will have them and the winning amount will be divided between more people.

    They also suggest avoidance of a sequence of numbers.

    So close and yet so far

    Britain's unluckiest woman lost out on the £178m Euromillions jackpot – because each of her numbers was just one digit away from the winning seven balls.

    Tayla Octave, 19, could not believe it when she checked her lucky dip row against February’s mega draw and saw she had been so close to scooping the top prize – which you only have a one in 139,838,160 chance of winning.

    Marketing apprentice Tayla’s row was 5, 13, 24, 45, 49, with Lucky Stars 6 and 11 and the winning numbers were 4, 12, 25, 46, 48, 7 and 12.

    She told The Sun: “I’m just gutted. It’s a long shot to win the lottery anyway but to be so close is heart-breaking.

    “At first I just saw I hadn’t won anything but then I went through and compared them side by side and that’s when I realised that every single number I had was just one away from the winning ones.”

    Where the streets are paved with gold

    The following map shows the top 10 luckiest lottery areas in the UK.

    Lottery data shows the areas with the cities and towns with the highest number per capita of high-tier winners to scoop £50,000 or more on the National Lottery.

    The National Lottery has now made over 6,100 millionaires in the UK.

    Data taken from the launch of the lottery in 1994 until Sept 2019 reveals the luckiest regions.

    Avoid the crowd

    A lot of people doing the EuroMillions pick a lucky dip to get their numbers.

    Lottoland advises that people should avoid popular numbers, like 1-31, as people tend to opt for their birth date.

    This means if these numbers come up more people will have them and the winning amount will be divided between more people.

    They also suggest avoidance of a sequence of numbers

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      A dream come true

      Like many people who play the lottery, Patrick and Frances Connolly “always hoped” they would win but didn’t have high hopes.

      But two years ago, on New Year’s Day, they scooped £114,969,775 on the EuroMillions after playing every week for years. 

      When the couple, from County Armagh, Northern Ireland, found out about the “life-changing” sum, they modestly celebrated with “a cup of tea and a hug”.

      They told ITV: “I always hoped we would win the lottery one day, but when we did, it would be just our luck that lots of others would win on the same day with the same numbers too.

      “Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would ever win almost £115 million.”

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      Get cracking!

      A lottery-winning Brit has less than a week left to claim their huge prize – or let £1million slip through their fingers for good.

      The lucky ticket-holder paid out for their winning slip back in the summer.

      But they’ve still not stepped forward to claim the cash.

      And next Sunday, November 28, they’ll miss their chance forever – as the life-changing sum is donated to National Lottery projects in the UK.

      Bosses at Camelot are now urging anyone who bought a ticket in Greenwich, London for the June 1 draw to search under sofas and in their pockets.

      The winner made their fortune as part of EuroMillions’ UK Millionaire Maker.

      The winning code is ZMFD00211.

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      Lotto millionaire dubbed Mr Sensible for investing with Queen's bank

      LOTTO millionaire Steve Thomson has been dubbed "Mr Sensible" after investing a chunk of his £105million win with the Queen's bank.

      Steve, 43, and wife Lenka, 42, put "tens of millions" into two trusts with Coutts & Co.

      A £30million stocks and shares investment could earn the builder £90million in 20 years.

      A pal said Steve, originally from Selsey, West Sussex, "doesn't want to end up skint".

      Careful Steve, who won EuroMillions in 2019, took more than a year to leave his council house for a £4.5million pad.

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      Stats from the National Lottery

      • Six Millionaires are made every week
      • The luckiest postcode is Birmingham with 119 millionaires
      • The luckiest profession is building
      • There are 6 million winners a week
      • £56 billion paid out in prizes
      • Over £34 million goes to National Lottery Projects every week
      • Most Millionaires celebrate with a cup of tea

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