CHAD Wolf has hit back at Joe Biden’s claim the border crisis was the result of being stonewalled by the Trump transition team.

The former Department of Homeland Security Secretary said the President’s claim the problems stem from an inherited mess and a lack of co-operation are a “pure lie”.

Biden told NBC’s Today his administration inherited “one god-awful mess at the border” from former President Donald Trump.

The president claimed that due to “the failure to have a real transition — cooperation from the last administration, like every other administration has done”

But in response, Wolf tweeted: “While I respect the Presidency, this is a pure lie.

“The admin is looking for any reason to explain the crisis they created. We briefed the transition team numerous, numerous times.

He also rejected Biden’s allegation Trump had left DHS and the Department of Defense understaffed after firing many officials.

“And the reference to firing officials is lunacy. Someone might want to remind the Admin that firing a federal employee is near impossible.

“The media needs to hold the Admin accountable for lying to the American people.”

Since Biden took office, there has been a dramatic surge in migrants trying to enter the country illegally at the southern border.

More than 172,000 people were detained at the border in March alone, and many minors have been showing up alone.

Meanwhile, contracts to build sections of former President Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico have been cancelled. 

The Biden administration as ditched any deals that used funding originally intended for use by the US military and its functions.

Contracts were handed out after Trump declared a national emergency in 2019 in an effort to redirect funding to build a wall along the US southern border.

But in Biden's first day in office, he issued a proclamation which ordered a freeze on border wall projects which had been funded using military cash.

Now, the Department of Defense said it was pulling cash from projects paid for with funds originally intended for other military missions.

The Department of Homeland Security also announcedit was steps to address "physical dangers resulting from the previous administration's approach to border wall construction".

It said it would repair the Rio Grande Valley's flood barrier system, which it said wall construction had blown large holes into, as well as remediate soil erosion in San Diego along a wall segment.

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