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A retired top Immigration and Customs Enforcement official has announced he ​left the federal agency out of frustration over how the Biden administration’s border policies were jeopardizing national security — adding, “we’re pretty much screwed as a country.”

Thomas Feeley, the former director for ICE in New York State, ​said the southern border is “wide open,” and the crisis has grown “so bad” that illegal immigrants are being processed over the phone after being released in the US.

“There’s a fine line between telling people we’re not breaking the law and not enforcing it,” ​Feeley told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. 

“Some ICE officials will tell you, ‘Well, the Biden administration isn’t telling us to break the law but they’re definitely telling you not to enforce it,’” he ​added. “So if that’s what you’re going to split hairs on, we’re pretty much screwed as a country going down this road.”​

He alleged that the administration hired non-governmental organizations ​at ICE and the Department of Homeland Security after President Biden’s inauguration, and they cut out field office directors and law enforcement officials in an effort to release illegal immigrants into the US. 

“I had a case who the guy was a convicted arsonist and they called me and said, ‘Hey, Mr. Feeley. One of our criteria is if the guy hasn’t been arrested in the past 10 years we need to let them go and we’d like you to release them.’ And I said, ‘I totally get what you’re saying, but … he’s been in prison for 12 years. That’s why he hasn’t been arrested.’ And the answer I got was, ‘We don’t really care​.​’ … And I had to cut him loose​,” said Feeley, adding that he has email evidence to back up his accusations. 

​Feeley stepped down from ICE last week, saying “it’s time to move on” after a 25-year career.​

“With the current administration doing everything they can to cripple ERO [Enforcement and Removal Operations], endangering the American public, and not enforcing the laws passed by Congress, I don’t want to be part of that,” he wrote​ in an email​​, Fox News reported.

“As a member of the Senior Executive Service, a Service entrusted by the public to ensure whatever administration is in charge follow the law, we currently are not. To fight and argue every day about not arresting or releasing horrible criminal aliens to the street, quite frankly is disgusting.”

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