EXCLUSIVE Elle Edwards killer's chilling Facebook post to cover tracks

EXCLUSIVE Elle Edwards’ gangster killer tried to cover his tracks with shameless Facebook post slamming murder four days after he blasted innocent beautician dead

  • Connor Chapman, 23, was found guilty of Elle’s murder in court on Thursday 

The gangster who killed beautician Elle Edwards after opening fire with a sub-machine gun outside a pub on Christmas Eve tried to cover his tracks with a shameless Facebook post which appealed for calm just four days after murdering her.

In a desperate and far-fetched bid to join in with calls to end the violence, Connor Chapman, 23, wrote a misspelt post on Facebook to bemoan how ‘s***’s getn out of hand’, MailOnline can reveal.

Earlier on Thursday Chapman was convicted of the murder of the 26-year-old, who died after the gangster fired 12 rounds at a group of people standing outside the pub in Wallasey Village, Merseyside, shortly before midnight on December 24.

It has now come to light the heartless killer posted her death was ‘just f***in stupid n pouintless and a waste of life’ – despite knowing he was responsible for murdering Elle in cold blood.

Chapman was also convicted of seven other counts in addition to the killing, which was carried out with a Skorpion pistol, following a three-and-a-half week trial at Liverpool Crown Court. 

In a desperate and far-fetched bid to join in with calls to end the violence, Connor Chapman, 23, took to Facebook to bemoan how ‘s***’s getn out of hand’

Elle Edwards, 26, was shot twice in the head by Chapman on Christmas Eve last year

The sickening attempt to cover his tracks came just four days after the murder

Saying her killing ‘could of been enyones tragedy’, Chapman took to Facebook to portray the cause as ‘some real petty s*** goin on’ and called on those involved ‘to stand up and b a man’.

In the misspelt December 28 post, Chapman claimed ‘no one’s a gangsta and no one’s bad it’s just f****** stupid n pouintless and a waste of life when ye sat in jail lookn 20 to life’.

Today Chapman is facing a far longer time behind bars than ’20 to life’ after the jury rejected his account that he was at home watching YouTube videos about how to wrap presents while Elle’s life was draining away.

Chapman’s sickening post said that ‘s**ts getn out of hand and no-one needs dis in there life or to happen to there family, that’s one thing we all have in common we all have family and this could of been enyones tragedy.’

He added there was ‘some real petty s**t goin on out ere’ and ‘no one needs dis s**t’.

It came just a few days after he shot the 26-year-old twice in the head. 

Ms Edwards’ father, Tim, said the conviction today meant the family could start going forward. 

Elle’s father Tim Edwards punched the air as he left court after Chapman was found guilty

Elle was killed with a Skorpion sub-machine gun such as this one (Stock image)

He said: ‘It just means he’s off the streets, someone else is not going to suffer at the hands of him. 

‘Unfortunately Elle was his last victim but thankfully she will be the last person he does anything to and he can go fade away.’ 

The trial heard the attack was the culmination of a feud between groups on the Woodchurch and Beechwood estates, on either side of the M53 in Wirral. 

The prosecution alleged Chapman was attempting to kill Kieran Salkeld and Jake Duffy, both of whom were seriously injured in the shooting. 

The pair, from the Beechwood estate, had attacked another man, Sam Searson, in the street the day before, the court heard. 

Three other men – Harry Loughran, Liam Carr and Nicholas Speed – who were unconnected to the feud, were also injured in the shooting. 

The jury heard Chapman lay in wait outside the pub in a stolen Mercedes for almost three hours before firing the weapon, which the court heard was capable of firing 15 rounds a second. 

Chapman told the jury he had not been using the vehicle, which he described as a ‘pool car’ for him and other criminals, on the night of the murder but had given the car key to another man, whom he refused to name. 

CCTV footage showed the gunman drive away from the Lighthouse in the moments after the shooting and then arrive at Private Drive in Barnston, the home address of co-defendant Thomas Waring. 

The man, with long hair, was seen in the footage appearing to drop the gun as he walked towards Waring’s home. 

Chapman admitted a charge of handling stolen goods before the trial started and told the jury on December 31 he had travelled with the unnamed man who took the car key when the Mercedes was burnt out in Frodsham, Cheshire. 

He denied that Waring had been with him, although cell site evidence showed Waring’s phone travelled with the car.

 Senior investigating officer in the case, Detective Superintendent Paul Grounds, described Chapman as a ‘dangerous and ruthless individual’. 

He said: ‘Connor Chapman knew exactly what he was doing when he left his home address on December 24, getting in a stolen car in possession of a Skorpion machine pistol. 

‘He drove to the Lighthouse pub where he spent a number of hours there before finding a car parking space that gave him a real clear view of who was outside. 

‘He then left his car with no regard for anybody else, intent on firing that gun at his intended targets, Kieran Salkeld and Jake Duffy, with not a care of what would happen to anybody else who was stood outside of the pub.’ 

Chapman was also found guilty of two counts of attempted murder, two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, as well as possession of a Skorpion sub-machine gun with intent to endanger life and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

The judge, Mr Justice Goose condemned the ‘shocking violence’ in the case as he adjourned sentencing until tomorrow.

In his closing speech on Tuesday, Mr Power told the jury: ‘This is a trial that not just you 12 but many, many people will never forget. It involves human tragedy in its purest and most appalling sense.

‘Gun crime often includes criminals shooting at each other, there’s no doubt that this is such an event, but of course here a young, beautiful, unconnected, innocent life was brutally ended as a direct result of the then ongoing, but for now at least paused, gun feud between the Ford estate on Wirral on the one hand and the Woodchurch estate on the other hand.’

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