EXCLUSIVE: Hunt for the BBC food thief after spate of meal thefts

EXCLUSIVE: Hunt for the BBC food thief: Newsreaders and journalists reveal how their lunch is being mysteriously pinched from work fridges – as security put up notes to deter culprit

  • Mystery fridge raider has been stealing meals from BBC staffers and freelancers
  • Culprit or culprits target buildings including flagship New Broadcasting House
  • BBC security have been alerted to the problem and swooped with ‘strong notes’ 

A mystery food thief is stalking the corridors of the BBC – with broadcasters and journalists repeatedly falling victim to the culinary crook.

High-profile names have had their meals pilfered from fridges in buildings including the corporation’s flagship New Broadcasting House in Westminster.

Dishes including homemade curries, expensive ready meals and shop-bought sandwiches have been snaffled away.

And not even beverages and deserts are safe with yoghurt, honey and a cafetiere spirited off by the heartless muncher.

BBC Broadcasting House at Portland Place has seen some food taken by thief from their staff

Producer Barbara George had her green Thai curry with prawns stolen from the BBC fridge

The unexplained snack snatches have become the talk of BBC staffers and freelancers, with suggestions CCTV should be set up or even a full investigation launched.

BBC Security has been alerted but so far have just placed notes in areas warning people not to take other colleagues’ food. 

Producer Barbara George had her green Thai curry with prawns stolen and her empty lunchbox placed back in the fridge only last week.

She was so annoyed she penned a sarcastic handwritten note she placed in the chiller reading ‘Thank you for eating my lunch, I hope you enjoyed it. The green Thai curry prawns and rice were all homemade.’

Other BBC presenters and staffers revealed they too had fallen prey to the lunch box bandit

Ms George added on Twitter: ‘Someone has full on taken my work lunch in the BBC fridge – eaten it and has put the empty lunchbox back in the fridge in another bag

‘Hope your day is better than mine – I left a note for them too.’

It sparked other victims coming forward, including news presenter and reporter Simi Jolaoso, who said her dish and the container had gone walkabout.

Simi disclosed: ‘Happened to me too last month – my chickpea curry was taken from a fridge on the 5th floor.

‘They didn’t return the new glass and bamboo lunchbox it was in though, that I’d just purchased.’

Senior news radio journalist Annie Green said she had been targeted at least five times.

She said: ‘I joined the BBC last year and so far I’ve had three M&S ready meals vanish from the fridges and two pre-packed sandwiches. Ridiculous.’

Ms Green added: BBC security told me, so they’re going to “install notes on the fridges”. Problem solved.’

Broadcast journalist Robert Townsend said he had witnessed one of the thefts.

He said: ‘Someone once opened that fridge in front of me and ate my very own yogurt in front of my very eyes.’

And Yasmin Khatun Dewan added: ‘Someone took my cafetière and honey from the cupboard.’

MailOnline has contacted the BBC for comment. 

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