HERE is a look inside the complex probe into the murder of Faith Hedgepeth, from the bloody scene to the haunting note left on a fast-food wrapper.

Yesterday, police finally made an arrest in Hedgepeth's death, nine years after the 19-year-old UNC student was found raped and killed in her own apartment.

Miguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares, 28, is facing charges of first-degree murder.

Police have not said what connects Salguero-Olivares to Hedgepeth.

Police Ask for Patience

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said: "Patience will be asked of you. This story will take time to completely unfold."

Assistant Chief Celisa Lehew added: "This investigation is not complete. Our work is not done."

But it took almost a decade to get to this point, and the complex case had many twists and turns before Salguero-Olivares was arrested yesterday.

Hedgepeth was found dead in the off-campus apartment she shared with roommate Karena Rosario Rosario on September 7, 2012.

The roommates were reportedly studying in the library the night before and then decided to go out to a club in the early hours of September 7.

Around 3am, both women were back at the apartment and a neighbor who later spoke to police said she heard three loud noises, like "thumps," coming from their apartment.

Around 3.40am, both women attempted to call a person named Brandon Edwards and after 4am, Rosario reportedly left the apartment with a UNC soccer player.

When Rosario returned the next morning, she reportedly found Hedgepeth dead and told police there was "blood everywhere" in the apartment.

DNA Found on Scene

A handwritten note was found next to her body, written on a fast-food bag, which read "I'm not stupid, b***h, jealous."

Chapel Hill Police Lt Celisa Lehew told ABC News that she was found partially nude and had suffered what appeared to be "severe head trauma."

"Faith was wrapped, partially, in a comforter that had been located on the bed. There was some blood splatter throughout the bedroom as well as where the pillow might be," he said.

Cops were able to collect DNA from semen found at the scene.

By December 2014, the FBI had joined the Chapel Hill Police Department to help develop a profile of the killer.

They believed that the killer knew Hedgepeth and perhaps lived nearby.

Two years later, more evidence was released, including the information about the note found scribbled near Hedgepeth's body.

The pen the note was written with had DNA that matched what was found on the scene, police said.

Police Release Sketch

In September 2016, police released a composite sketch and report they believed could help identify the man responsible for Hedgepeth's death.

 Nearly six years after her death, Hedgepeth's family told WRAL that they were "always hopeful" for a break in the case.

"It’s really hard, hard because of knowing what happened and not knowing why it happened, who did it." Hedgepeth’s sister, Rolanda Hedgepeth, said at the time.

That break finally came nine years after the UNC student was killed.

Suspect in Custody

Salguero-Olivares was taken into police custody Thursday morning and is currently being held at Durham County Detention Facility under no bond.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said during a press conference on Thursday that the arrest came after a DNA sample that matched the one found at the crime scene was submitted to the State Crime Lab.

After news of the arrest broke, Hedgepeth's mother, Connie, spoke to reporters saying she is thankful "knowing that someone has been arrested in this case."

She thanked God, the police department, and anyone who had a hand in working on the case.

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