Heart-stopping moment family scramble out of car as it rolls off a cliff in China – but front passenger doesn’t get out in time and is severely injured

  • The incident happened on the scenic Duku Highway in Xinjiang province 
  • Two passengers including a small boy were able to escape from the car 
  • A second woman in the front passenger seat suffered severe hip injuries  

This is the tragic moment a car tumbles over the edge of a cliff in China while the family inside are trying to escape, leaving one passenger severely injured. 

The family were enjoying a day out at the scenic Duku Highway in Xinjiang. They had pulled up at a well-known beauty spot and parked their car overlooking a valley below. 

The driver exits his vehicle and walks around the car to retrieve a thermos flask and pours himself a drink. 

This is the moment a family desperately try and evacuate their small hatchback as it rolls over the edge of a cliff on the Duku Highway in Xinjiang, China 

Two members of the family try and old onto the car as it edges towards the precipice 

The distraught family are unable to hold the car for long enough to allow the front seat passenger to evacuate the vehicle

The car continued over the edge and rolled down the side of the valley for several hundred metres 

The family members look down into the valley below as the car disappears from view. The female passenger was rescued by the emergency services. She had suffered a severe hip injury according to officials 

Unfortunately, moments later the car begins to roll forward. A young boy on the back seat manages to open the door and jump clear. 

He was followed by an older woman who also exited the car safely. 

A woman sitting in the passenger seat is unable to remove her seatbelt in time before the car plunges over the edge. 

As the car disappears from view, the family members on the top of the cliff, look on in horror. 

It is not known why the car’s handbrake failed, whether a cable snapped or it may have been accidentally knocked off by the passenger. 

It is not yet known how the car’s handbrake failed causing it to roll over the edge 

The car came to a rest after hitting a hillock on its way down the side of the valley 

According to the Hejing County Emergency Management Bureau, the woman passenger was trapped inside when it went over the cliff suffered severe hip injuries.

The man attempted to prevent the car from rolling towards the edge rather than reapplying the handbrake. 

The footage of the shocking incident was posted online with some commentators claiming the woman in the front seat appeared to be in shock and was too afraid to try and save herself from going over the edge with the car.  

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