Family whose £100,000 Bentley was stolen slam the Met police

Shocked family whose £100,000 Bentley was stolen and driven wildly across London blast police for closing probe due to a ‘lack of evidence’ despite them handing over extensive CCTV

  • Anwar Patel said he had collected a raft of video clips from multiple sources
  • They sent police CCTV footage from the scene but were told case was closed 

A family whose £100,000 Bentley was stolen and driven wildly across London has blasted police after they told him they were closing their investigation for lack of evidence – despite him having extensive footage of the thieves and their rampage.

Shocked Anwar Patel, 40, told how he and his family collected a raft of video clips from multiple sources after their beloved car was stolen from a street in East Ham, east London.

Last week MailOnline published footage of the Bentley Bentayga and a BMW X5 also used by the gang of thieves ramming another car out of its way and a woman screaming for help.

Now we have discovered that the Bentley, list price £110,000, belongs to Mr Patel – who is using a false name to protect his identity in case of reprisals from the gang – and his family.

The start of the video shows the husband and wife driving after what is believed to be two stolen vehicles – a grey Bentley and blue BMW

It was stolen from close to their home in East Ham at around 2am on Tuesday January 24.

The family told how the car theft was reported shortly before 7am.

They sent police CCTV footage from the scene.

But just four hours later at 11am police emailed the family and said that the case had been closed due to lack of evidence.

In the meantime, the family had put out appeals on social media and discovered that their car had been used in a ramming rampage in Barking, east London.

Despite forwarding the footage to police, they had no further response.

It was apparently only when MailOnline published a story about the ramraiding incident, on January 24 at 3.46pm that police got back in touch with the family and re-opened the case.

Furious Mr Patel told MailOnline: ‘My dad’s car was stolen and there was a lady who was hurt and they closed the case in four hours. It’s ridiculous.

‘The police have been absolutely dismal. They haven’t done anything. They’ve not come round. They have not said your stolen car has been involved in an accident – we found that out ourselves.

‘We have four separate videos, a good mug shot of one of the thieves and have found out who he is through social media.

‘They have images and they just do nothing. If that’s how quick they close the case it’s a joke. They are not investigating crimes – they are encouraging them.’

The BMW then managed to turn around in a tight space and head for the woman in her 60s filming the incident 

The man filming approaches the driver of the BMW asking to see his insurance details because he had crashed into him

Mr Patel told how the gang struck in the early hours of Tuesday morning (January 24) breaking into their car, which was parked outside the family home in East Ham, using keyless technology before escaping with the grey coloured Bentley Bentayga.

CCTV footage from a neighbour’s house shows one of the hooded men walking up to the car shortly before 2am before an accomplice appears carrying a device.

Mr Patel said: ‘We discovered the car was gone in the morning. We reported it stolen just before 7am and sent the police the CCTV footage from our neighbours.

‘They sent us an email at 11am saying they were unable to find the car and the case was closed’

The family refused to give up and issued appeals on social media before uncovering footage taken from the Suzuki and two more videos filmed in the residential street in Barking where the thieves were blocked in.

Mr Patel said: ‘The gang bashed into the car of the driver who then followed them.

‘The couple are filming it all and speaking Polish.

‘I don’t think he knows that these are stolen cars. He is following them because it was a hit and run and he is chasing them for insurance details.

‘They block the cars in and other people are filming what happens next.’

The footage shows the Polish man getting out of the car to confront the bearded thief who is behind the wheel of the blue BMW.

The distraught victim says: ‘You hit my car. I want your insurance.’

The gang member responds with a dismissive gesture as he tries to turn the vehicle round.

The BMW is shown smashing into the woman as the gang attempt to flee, pinning her against the front of the Suzuki which buckles through the force of the impact. 

Before she can even react, the blue car drives at speed into her legs 

The woman’s legs were crushed in between the two cars 

The driver then gets out and climbs behind the wheel of the Suzuki in a vain attempt to move it out of the way.

The woman, who was with her husband, was rammed after the couple got out of their silver Suzuki in a bid to speak to the men after their car had been hit by one of the vehicles unaware they were criminals.

They appeared to be unaware that the cars had been stolen when they blocked the thieves in down a dead end street.

Close up footage clearly shows the face of the driver as the gang left behind a trail of destruction during their getaway.

One shocking video shows the gang finally escape after the BMW driver smashed into the couple’s car at speed to shunt it out of the way.

The injured woman is seen limping and shouting: ‘Call the police. Please call the police. Oh my God.’

He gets back in the BMW then reverses before smashing into the Suzuki – with the front wheels coming off the ground due to the force of the impact – and ploughing through.

The Bentley, which is waiting behind, is shown reversing seconds after a woman pushing a baby in a pram walked behind the car just inches away.

It then follows the BMW – bashing into the Suzuki as the gang make their getaway.

The driver of the BMW then decided to make a  break for it on foot as they could not get past the vehicle

The husband and wife were both screaming to the neighbours to call the police

Mr Patel said: ‘They have hit a woman with force. You can see her car buckling when he makes impact – and the police have done nothing about it.

‘That is a serious crime. If you’re driving at someone with a vehicle they need to do something about it.

‘My brother called the police having a go at them saying the car had also been involved in all this stuff and they still closed the case.

‘My brother drove to the scene where the lady had been rammed and gave a statement there as well saying the Bentley was stolen from our house.’

Mr Patel told how the raid had been highly organised.

He said: ‘These guys are software experts. They know exactly what they are doing.

‘They had a device with them. You can see them in the CCTV walking around looking to locate a signal to open the door.

‘The car had a tracker but they demobilised the tracker so we couldn’t do anything with it.

‘The police haven’t told us anything because they are not doing anything about it.

‘We have images of the person and we have been given names and done our own investigation – but still nothing.’

Met Police have been contacted for comment. 

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